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1st Birthday

Hello friends

Today is my 1st Birthday, exactly one year ago today I wrote my first blog. I was unsure of what I was doing as this was all new to me and I think I still have a lot to learn about blogging.
Here are a few things I enjoy about blogging in no particular order, just as they come into my head.

I have made new friends here in the UK and around the globe. I love reading your comments. I love reading your blogs too, although I should leave comments more. I have learned so much from you all from crafting to frugaling, gardening and decluttering and much more. I have leant that I should take my camera out more because there is so much beauty around us. I've enjoyed going on your outings an seeing places that I may never visit or revisiting places I've  been to in the past. I want to keep blogging and reading for the time being because I enjoy your company. I've had fun.   I'm afraid I haven't made a cake but I will be making one for L's birthday celeb…

Sweet and Sour plus catch up

Hello friends Looks like we're having a nice weekend, weather wise. What about yourselves? I like Autumn with the leaves changing colour. I still love to kick through the crunch leaves but you have to be careful as you could be kicking something unpleasant as well. This month is going so fast and soon it will be October and L's 14th birthday (more about that another day) Last week we had one of L's friends over for tea and I only had one chicken breast so I cut it up into fine strips and made the following recipe (from Asda). I also used what veg I had plus extra.  Carrots, courgette, French beans, peppers and fresh pineapple from the freezer. I didn't do enough rice so we had a pudding. Apple and Strawberry (from the freezer) crumble and custard (sorry no picture). Since getting this recipe Asda have updated it and use sweet chilli sauce instead of the ketchup and orange juice instead of the pineapple juice. Might give this version a try but I'm not too keen on…

Back to School and Catch up

Hello friends

L went back to school last Friday. She is now in year nine and I haven't had to buy her any new uniform yet. I bought her a new skirt last year (same size as the year before) and they still fit her. I bought her a new jumper last year (same size as the year before) Still fits. I will however buy her a new one at half term as it will be warmer for winter along with a new track suit. Still wearing the same shirts from year seven (not yet gone grey). Had to get new shoes, L is very heavy on her feet which results in new school shoes three or four times a year. L's hair is back to a normal colour but quite dark to cover the pink. It two goes to cover it up and still it has a pink ting to it but it's more acceptable. We did get a colour stripper but can't use it if the colour has henna in it, which the pink did. My suggestion to L is to leave colouring her hair now until she is at collage when she will be allowed to keep her colours.

During August Bank holiday …