Monday, 27 January 2014

Dragons are in Town

Hello friends

Yesterday morning we went into Blackpool, in the pouring rain, because Chinese dragons were coming and also a Chinese market in celebration of the Chinese New Year next Friday. unfortunately we were disappointed with the market because there were only two Chinese stall, the rest were non Chinese related promotions that we didn't bother with. We were hoping to get some fortune cookies for L because she is doing a Chinese New Year presentation at Guides next Monday.

The rain finally stopped just in time for the dragons to arrive.  first came the long dragon chasing a shiny ball meanwhile much further down the street, two dancing dragons were coming up. As they came up other little dragons got ready including a tiny one (two youngsters). Then the drummer started (I chose the wrong place to stand, near the drummer) and a battle commenced and all the while the long dragon was chasing the ball.

The dragons are so colourful and the dancers controlling the dragons were very fit getting down low without sitting on the wet floor and lifting the heads high.

The dancers were from Liverpool and were of different nationalities which was nice to see.

There were firecrackers going off.

We watched the display for fifteen minutes and although it was continuing we had to leave because out parking ticket was running out. We really enjoyed what we saw and Next Sunday we are hoping to go to Manchester's China town to see their New Year celebrations, I'm sure we will find some fortune cookies there. Last year 75,000 people visited Manchester to see the dragons so the atmosphere should be amazing, we're really looking forward to it as we've never been before.

Is anyone else doing/going anywhere foe Chinese New Year?


Friday, 17 January 2014

Latest Make and Catch Up

Hello friends

Recently my SIL to be found some baby patterns that that she really loved, a hat, jacket and a dress and asked if I would knit them for the baby. I said I would because they are lovely patterns and also they would be in keeping with this years challenge. So here is the hat with loops all over it. The loop stitch was new to me and was quite time consuming until I got used to it. The yarn I used was a random type one. SIL loved it. I've started the jacket and that's crocheted. This is done in two colours so I've picked pink and white (surprise surprise). I'll do a show and tell when I've completed that one. This is slow growing which is unusual for crochet.

This past two weeks I've had a few days working at my old school doing some exam invigilating. I feel so pleased when they ask me because it means that they have trust me especially when most of the invigilating I do is one to one with special education need students. The next time will be for the GCSE mocks which they think will be in March.

I wonder if I could ask you all a little favour. One of L's friends will be 15 in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for inexpensive ideas for a gift. This friend always get L some lovely presents for her birthday and Christmas and we feel a bit stuck this time, can you help?

Thank you for dropping by and I look forward to reading your suggestions.


Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year Challenges

Hello friends

It's great to be back. We had a lovely Christmas at home and with extended family. We were then all poorly with a stomach bug, L being worst hit and me the least. We were recovered by New Years Eve but lacked energy however we all managed to stay up to see the new year in (although I fell asleep half an hour before).
During the two week break L and I did some crafty bits.  We have two sets of the Jenga blocks. L decided to paint one set in rainbow colours. They looks so bright and colourful and a joy to play with.

I did some crocheting. This is my diary cover. I think I made it a little too small because it made the corners curl outwards so I made straps to keep them down and also to keep any loos papers safe. I always seem to collect loose bits of paper in my diaries. Anyone else do that? Next I made a cover for L's new tablet. I also made a little pocket for under the flap for any memory discs she wants to use.

I made my shopping list pad by cutting up my old calendar, any one else do that? I used to just throw them away in recycling bin.

I haven't made any new year resolutions because I never keep them but I have set some challenges again this year:

1 Continue with the decluttering 365 things. It worked well last year and we still have far too much in our home.

2 I would like to loose three stone before August. I lost 2 stone last year after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So I want to continue with my new eating plan (was hard over the holidays). And why August, well, my youngest brother is getting married in Jamaica and we are going with them (sooo excited, It's a dream holiday) and L is bridesmaid. I will still have some way to go to get to my "perfect" weight but I want to make each step achievable.

3 I need to improve my time management. I spend way too much time procrastinating and not doing.  I feel I need to get myself more organised and in the long run I think it will help me for when I return to the world of work. How am I going to do this? I'm going to get an appointment diary and book in my daily tasks and appointments and I just might succeed if I see it written down.

4 Use my recipe books more to make tastier family meals. I don't mean going silly and making gourmet meals but just ordinary tasty meals. I feel that I have become a rubbish cook.

5 I will continue to knit and crochet and maybe some sewing but I want to try something a bit more challenging this year. I will show and tell in time.

I still want keep things frugal as much as I can, Yeah I know going to Jamaica is not very frugal but I will tell you about that another time.

It has finally stopped raining and I need to go out so I will catch up with you all again soon and thanks for dropping by and your new year messages.

Try to keep safe and dry


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