Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Show Time

The other week-end it was our annual Flower, Art and Crafts Show. I did take loads of pictures on my tablet and they've all deleted themselves. This tablet has a mind of it's own and I can't use the main computer as that is so very slow since it came back from the menders. I realy think we need a new one but it wil have to wait.

Anyway back to the show.  In the past I've not entered many exhibits. It was a case of if I had done something I would enter it. However it was a different story when it came to Laura, she had many exhibits and came away with one, two or three trophies. But now she is too old for those catergaries and possibly too young for the adult sections due to her inexperience and with this in mind we decided to give this year a miss.

Two weeks before the show we changed our minds and we found 14 things, between us, that we could put into the show.  There was the painted canvas Laura did for her GCSE, some painted pebbles, that looked like cactus, in a pot, some baking, and some crocheting.

I won 1st for my crochet jacked and 2nd for my marmalade and that was it for me and Laura didn't win anything.
The chocolate cake wasn't chocolatey enough but was very light.
The victoria sponge, not sure what was wrong with that. I felt it could have been lighter.
Scones, well they were a disaster, very much like rock buns. Won't use that recipe again. Will stick to the Bero ones.
One of my jams was disqualified because I forgot to put on a wax disc. oops!

We want to knock Miss Winner (not real name) off the top. We have our work cut out but at least we have a year to practice.


Thursday, 25 August 2016

Results Day

Laura was up early today as she wanted to be at school for 9:30 to get her GCSE results. I dropped her off and waited in the car park. I had every confidence that she had done ok although she was anxious and worried that the results were not going to be good enough for the course she want's to do at collage.

Earlier in the year she'd had eight weeks off school recovering from her operation and was worried that it would have had some impact on her results. The year head had already told us that if Laura's exam results were not as good as she needed that they would contact the collage and explain the situation.

Anyway, back to this morning. She did really well and did much better than she anticipated.  2 A's, 3 B's and and 2 C's.  Two very proud parents (dab the soggy eyes). She has done so well despite the set backs. Tomorrow we are off to register her into college and then off to Preston do some collage shopping and have a nice lunch somewere.


Saturday, 13 August 2016

Lurking In The Freezer

Our chest freezer really needs defrosting so I've done an inventory of everyting in there in order to use things up. It would be easy to just get some boxes and pile everything in them and then put everything back, but it dosn't acheive much. So that's my mission. Last night for tea I used up a half jar of Tikka (from the feezer) and poured it over our pork chops (from the freezer) with rice.

In the bottom of the feezer was some fruit. 1st was some blood oranges from earlier
in the year. I love blood oranges so bought quite a few. Some to eat and some for (shredless) marmalade. I didn't have time to make the marmalade streight away so into the freezer they went until this week when I made three jars. I only have a small pan and we don't eat a lot.
Next I made some summer berries jelly jam  (another three and a bit jars) with bits of left over fruit like strawberries, blackberries from the field at the back of us, balckcurrents and red currents from the garden and yellow sticker raspberries from the super market. It takes forever to strain the fruit but it's worth it to get rid of the little seeds the will stick in our teeth.
I also made some lemon curd, not from the freezer this time.
You will see some of the jars have celephane tops and that is because I want to enter them into our annual Flower, Arts and Craft show next week.  I have a problem with them jars though. The celephane tops were sealing well until they were cold and now the tops are wrinkly. I don't know if the judges take this into concideration but I'm not happy. Is there a solution to it now or advice on how to prevent it happening next time? please.
The left over have been tried and tasted and are delicous. Fingers crossed.
Do you find that after making your own jam and you have to eat shop bought jam that is has so little flavour and is very sweet.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bubble and Squeak

I'm not making Bubble and Squeak but I would like to introduce you to our latest foster doggies. They are brothers and inseperable, where one goes the other has to follow, and are 31/2 years old. The boys are a cross between a pomsky and chihauhau.  These two are so funny when they play together chasing each other through the house to outside leaping over the door step as they go.  Turfing each other out of bed when playing a rough and tumble games.
Due to the pomsky in them they are very fluffy and malting like crazy and love lots of cuddles especially if you are wearing black.

Today they left us to go to a new foster home in Halifax as the charity we are connected with have too many dogs at the moment and need to move some on and these two little guys where part of the movement. I'm missing them already but they were not meant to be.



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