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Lancashire Tart

Hello friends

I wanted to share with you my version of Lancashire Tart.  When I looked up the recipe for the tart it said layer the black pudding, bacon sausage and leeks. I thought it was too much meat and far too expensive. so this is what I did.

1/2packet of  ready made short crust pastry
1/4 - 1/2of black pudding skinned and cut into small pieces.
2 - 3 left over sausages cooked and cut into small pieces.
3 - 4 slices of bacon cooked and cut into small pieces (could use bacon bits/scraps)
Leeks, sautéed or onion (any variety and as much or little as you like)
Lancashire cheese, grated (or any cheese of your choice - I used Lacto free cheese)
Milk  (any - I used soya)
3 - 4 eggs depending on the size
Sliced tomatoes - optional

Pre heat the oven 140c for an electric fan oven or 160c for a non fan electric oven (sorry don't know the other temperatures for gas)

Roll out the pastry and line a Victoria sandwich tin (tip from Frugal Queen, don't need to bake blind first, also deeper). My t…

Flower show

Hello friends

Did you all have a good Bank Holiday Weekend? We did. We went to stay with some friends at Alston, in Cumbria. We did some shopping in Carlisle and L came away with 3 new dresses and a pair of funk jeans. Me? a lighter purse. M went down a lead mine with J to do some photography; something they have been doing for a long time. We all went for a walk to the biggest waterfall in England, High Force. pictures are not downloaded yet.

I also wanted to tell you about last weeks Flower and Arts and Crafts show. It was a great success with lots of visitors which included the Mayor of Wyre and the Gala Queen and Prince Charming.
L had twenty four entries I had only two. I got 1st prize for my crochet blanket
L got quite a few prizes and came away with two trophies. Some pictures of her entries

The dignitaries with the Chairman of the Horticultural Society, on the right. 
The hall looking calm with the exhibits being judged before the public arrive. The hall smell wonderful with al…

Party Night

Hello Friends

On Saturday we had a party. It was a late celebrations for my birthday back in June. I was 50.
We all had a great time with family and friends.  I decorated the fairy, part of the, garden with some painted bottle flowers as I was too late for any bedding plants and the seeds I planted didn't grow.

Made a fairy village with L's painted pebbles.

I got some hanging lantern tea light holders, cheap, and made some fairies to go inside (sorry there're a bit small to see I will see if I can up load an individual picture at the end) The flower garland I made for the gala float. This will have to come down and be stored for next years two galas we have to do.

 and then I hung up the bunting  that I knitted earlier in the year. We got the chimnea going early as there was a cool breeze.

On the other side of the garden we put up the gazebo that I made for the gala float. Again though it will have to be dismantled and stored for next year. This was put up before we had t…

Almost a Free Day Out

Hello friends

Nice to see you again.

Yesterday we decided that we would have a day out. It was almost free because we had to drive  there.

L had an appointment at Chorley Hospital to have an x-ray on her back and to see the specialist. She'd already had an MRI scan. The results were that she has a 43.1 degree curvature of her spine (the conditions is called, Scoliosis) and is now being referred to Manchester's children's hospital to see another specialist to decide on either a back brace or an operation. She is scared and apprehensive but is talking to me and asking questions and says it helps. I've been looking on the internet to see if I can find a local support group, but no luck so far.

Anyway, we decided that after driving so far (about 38-40 miles) and M taking the day off we would make the most of it, and it was a fine day. We went to Astley Hall. The gardens are open to the public so no charge and parking was free and to go around the hall was also free, donati…