Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Almost a Free Day Out

Hello friends

Nice to see you again.

Yesterday we decided that we would have a day out. It was almost free because we had to drive  there.

L had an appointment at Chorley Hospital to have an x-ray on her back and to see the specialist. She'd already had an MRI scan. The results were that she has a 43.1 degree curvature of her spine (the conditions is called, Scoliosis) and is now being referred to Manchester's children's hospital to see another specialist to decide on either a back brace or an operation. She is scared and apprehensive but is talking to me and asking questions and says it helps. I've been looking on the internet to see if I can find a local support group, but no luck so far.

Anyway, we decided that after driving so far (about 38-40 miles) and M taking the day off we would make the most of it, and it was a fine day. We went to Astley Hall. The gardens are open to the public so no charge and parking was free and to go around the hall was also free, donations most welcome.

We had a picnic in the walled flower and kitchen garden and decided that we would look round the Hall first then the rest of the grounds.

Wow! The Hall was amazing inside, in the entrance if you looked up to the ceiling they had the most wonderful plasterwork. It was created to impress and oh boy did it impress.. Sorry they're not very clear. 

There was a quiz for the kids. Questions about some of the rooms and they had to look out for a tulip in that room, they had to look out for objects in other rooms and right down which room it was in.

The rooms that were furnished you couldn't go beyond the doorway. Below are some more pictures. Later we went round the grounds. Lots of grassed areas and then we decided that we would walk along the river/stream (sorry no pictures was having too much fun) the water snaked this way and that way with bridges passing over the top (we played pooh sticks). It took us an hour to walk through the woods with the river. It was then time for an ice cream before making our way back to the car. We had a really great day.
view of the pond from the dining room window

Kitchen court yard
I would love a kitchen this big but with modern appliances

 I think it might be aperitif o'clock then time to make tea. Something with sausages and pasta I think.

It was lovely to see you again. Why not join me in a little aperitif?



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  1. Sounds like a great place to visit. No sherry for me today, thank you.
    Love from Mum


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