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Fun Times

Hello friends

Only two weeks left of the summer holidays before L goes back to school. I love the school holidays and spending precious time with L and M. In a few short years L will be an adult doing her own exciting things so I try to make the most of her company now.

I felt that we hadn't done much over the holidays but the more I think about it we have done quite a bit.
We've been shopping - for school and holidays (next week)

Walked on the beach and painting pebbles

Walked around the local ecological centre that was once the local tip (more than 50 years ago)

There have been sleepovers at ours and friends over. There have been lazy days snuggled on the settee watching films all afternoon.

We had a trip to Manchester to the children's hospital regarding L's back (going ahead with the operation to straighten it) and met a lovely nurse who answered our questions and gave us a useful leaflet and told us about the pre-op procedures. Whilst we were in Manchester we visite…

Winnings... Air... Bertha....

Hello friends

Yesterday was our annual flower and craft show and  being the treasurer I gave my own busy duties to attend to on the day.  But for the past two weeks L and I have been getting her exhibits ready and she has been sewing, sticking and gluing, gathering and planting, She won a few prizes again this year and came home with two trophies again.
The one thing that she is the proudest of is a handkerchief she embroidered for her friend's birthday. The name in the middle is, Liam, which is her friends favourite band  member of One Direction.

I won first prize for this blanket I made last year. That was my only entry this year. I just didn't have time to do any more.

Today we went to the Blackpool Air Show. We sat in the warm sunshine, after a short shower, on the promenade steps and watched the old and the new planes, the helicopters and the Red Arrows all showing off the wonderful things they can do. (Sorry no photos of the planes as they didn't turn out too clear…