Friday, 22 August 2014

Fun Times

Hello friends

Only two weeks left of the summer holidays before L goes back to school. I love the school holidays and spending precious time with L and M. In a few short years L will be an adult doing her own exciting things so I try to make the most of her company now.

I felt that we hadn't done much over the holidays but the more I think about it we have done quite a bit.
We've been shopping - for school and holidays (next week)

Walked on the beach and painting pebbles

Walked around the local ecological centre that was once the local tip (more than 50 years ago)

There have been sleepovers at ours and friends over. There have been lazy days snuggled on the settee watching films all afternoon.

We had a trip to Manchester to the children's hospital regarding L's back (going ahead with the operation to straighten it) and met a lovely nurse who answered our questions and gave us a useful leaflet and told us about the pre-op procedures. Whilst we were in Manchester we visited a history museum. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to see everything so we will go again another time as there will be many more trips to the hospital.

L and I made up a new game. I bought a pack of small wooden blocks and we painted them five different colours and when dry we used black paint to write on the letters of the alphabet. There were two blank side so we painted stars to represent wild cards. The aim of the game is that you shake up the cubes and toss them onto the table and then make up a word using the letters/wild card showing and write it down and pass them onto the next plater. If you can't make a word then miss a turn and pass on the cubes. Other rules can be you all write what words you can make up or write down as many as you can from one throw. You can have as many players a you want. Make up your own rules. We had loads of blocks left over so they've been finished in the same way and will be passed on to the guides for a fun night.

I've decorated fifteen more twiddle muffs and they went to Morecombe this week. That makes a grand total of 45. I have another bag of fifteen ready but will make arrangement for those in September (60) and I have a further sixteen to decorated. we are fast heading to our target of a hundred (A big THANK YOU goes to the ladies and gent who have knitted them)

We've been to a wedding (there's another a week on Monday on the beach. Special blog post about that one) and a 60th birthday party and a bouncy castle party.

And what will we do this bank holiday weekend - packing for our holiday, plaiting/braiding and beading all of L's hair (so much easier to look after especially when in and out of a swimming pool and sea) and we must find time to have a day out and have some fun. Afterwards I have a hospital appointment to see if the last lot of eye injections have worked (I don't feel they have) and that's it for now.
I'm now off to do the ironing that will get all creased again in a suitcase.



  1. Summer holidays have really flown past haven't they? Autumn will soon be here. Make the most of your last 2 weeks and have a wonderful holiday.
    Love from Mum

    1. These holidays have gone way too fast. I like autumn and the changing colours of the trees.

  2. You have been busy, love the painted pebbles!

    Have a great holiday

    1. Thank you. I want to a few more but we've not got the right pebbles. I think we need another trip to the beach.

  3. What are twiddle muffs??? You've done a lot and I love your game! X

    1. Hi Kezzie. Sorry about the late reply but we have been on holiday (will post about it later when sorted pictures)
      Twiddle muffs are knitted muffs/cuffs with lots of embellishments (long, short, interesting) on them so that people with Dementia and Alzheimers can twiddle with them. They are colourful to provide visual stimulation and the twiddles keep their hands mobile. They also have different textures which are also stimulating. The patient will play with the muffs for hours and it also helps to keep them calm. It's not my invention I got the idea from Warrington Hospitals website.


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