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Unveiling and Crowning

I awoke at 5am on Saturday morning and I could hear birds singing. Well, that was a good sign, it's not raining. I got up half an hour later as I just could't get back to sleep I was way too excited and anxious for it was gala day. I wanted to make sure that everything was ready and we didn't forget anything and make a packed lunch for M and me and plenty of drinks and treats for the children.  Done.
M got up early too because he wanted to make sure the float was still ok. It had spent the night on our front.
I got L up at 7.30 so that she could have her breakfast before getting washed, make up on and dressed before her 9am appointment at the hairdressers. As it was her special day I thought it best to have a special hair do to fit her crown. And what a fabulous job they did, it was beautiful - she looked beautiful. Her hair was still up on Sunday - a pyjama day with fancy hair. By evening we had taken it down ready for school tomorrow.  I took this picture at the end of th…

Sticking, Poking and More....

Tomorrow is the big day. Thornton Cleveleys Gala and L will be crowned Gala Queen 2015. It's going to be a fantastic day (please, please don't rain).  We have spent weeks and weeks in preparation for this day with lots of help from the retinues parents.

I striped the old float sides of the old decorations saving some of the coloured strips to reuse and to save on expenses and we have used some but the rest we will pass onto the next years queen and retinue after the choosing.

Whilst doing the stripping we found that some of the wooden/MDF panels were very rotten so M bought new MDF and remade the sides. Next we glued on the polystyrene sheets using PVA. Weighting the middle and clamping the edges. In this picture we are having to make an extension to what we had already done. (More about that later)

I spent many an evening cutting up colourful plastic table cloths into strips

After transferring the design from paper onto the polystyrene, which was not an easy task when you can…