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Tirbute to Mum


Thank you for all your kind words to my last post they did give me some comfort at a very difficult time.
Yesterday was mum's funeral and we had a celebration of her life service. I think mum had a word with mother nature and sorted the weather because the rain had stopped and the sun shone warmly and the icey winds had ceased. Thank you mum.
With the help of my three brothers and dad I wrote the tribute and and I would like to share some of it with you. Hope you don't mind.

Mum was born in 1938 in Stayley Bridge, Denton, to Stanley and Annie Pollitt. She had two older sisters, Annie (sadly died in January also from dementia) and Brenda, a younger sister, Jean and two younger brothers Eric and Brian.
At the tender age of 11 the family moved to Blackpool where mum attended Claremont School. On leaving school she went to college to learn baking and confectionery but didn't like the science so she took a different path and went into nursing. She worked at Wesham and Rossal…

Sleep in Peace

Sleep in peace and comfort Mum.  I am missing you so much already.

03.03.1938  -  04.02.2015