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Knitted Book Cover

Hello Friends

I wrote this yesterday  and pressed save as I was having trouble uploading a photo, I think it was because H was downloading a couple of films. When I came back to it it wasn't there so I've had to start all over again.

So here we are. Welcome to Froogs my first follow (congratulation on your blog award) and the two lovely comments from Jane and Ilona. I have to say that this is all very new to me but I will get my fingers and head around it all eventually.

Last year my daughter started high school and had to take in a reading book every day so that when they'd finished their class work and were waiting for others to finish they got out their books. Consequently there was no disruption in class and the childs reading improved. L's book got quite tatty, so during the summer holidays I Knitted a book cover for this school year. This week one of L's friend noticed and asked if I would make her one the same so thats what I've been doing.
I'm still…

Taken the Plunge

This is it, I've taken the plunge to write my first blog. It has taken a while to come up with a name and to get my head around the setting up.
I now need to find out how to add the blogs I follow to the side under my profile and have a play around.