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Joining in with Mum's Virual Tea Party

Hello friends

Did you remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour this morning?

Nice to see so many visitors. Welcome and come and sit yourselves down. The storm hasn't reach our part of the England yet and the sun is shining, don't suppose it will be long though.
Would you like a cup of tea and how about some cake.

It was my daughters birthday earlier in the month but we waited for half term to have her friends round for a sleep over (last night). I made a chocolate cake. Wow it's amazing and so moist and light. My SIL gave me the recipe which I think she got of the BBC website. Anyway I will post the recipe at the bottom of this post with the link.
After making the cake I sandwiched them together with bought white buttercream and then smeared it all over the outside before putting on the fondant icing. Very sickly and sweet but the girls loved it. Hope you do too. (L is a huge 1 Direction fan)  I forgot to tell you that the crunchy bits in the butter icing are chocolate ch…

Twiddle Muff

Hello friends

Hope you are having a lovely day today. The sun is suppose to shine all day today, Yeah can get loads of washing dry outside.

Here's the Twiddle Muff I've been making for my mum for Christmas. You can buy them over the internet but at £38 I thought they were a bit expensive and there's not a lot to twiddle. This has not cost me anything to make because everything came out of my stash.
I got the basic pattern from here and then made up my own twiddles. I wanted to be visually appealing so I used lots of colour and different textures and dangly bits. My idea was that there would be too much to take in all at once so new discoveries would be made each time it was picked up.

I started off embroidering a small piece of fabric with a flower and then another piece with mum on it, stitched them together to form a pocket and then added some polystyrene beads, closed the
 pocket and stitched it in place. I'm not that good at embroidery and I think I should have used…

Ta Da Moment

Hello friends

A warm welcome to my new followers, Suzanne from Tales from my craft room, Sarah B from Compostwoman and Rachel Flowers. Hope you enjoy my ramblings.

I have finally finished my comic strip hero blanket. I don't want to sound smug but I feel really proud of this project. It's taken a long time (since August) because I had to do some research on the computer and old Dandy and Beano annuals. Then work out the designs for the squares.  After working out how many stitches and how many rows I was going to do for the squares I could then work out the design on graph paper. 1 square equalled 1 stitch. It worked out when I did stocking stitch but not when I did moss stitch. I crochet round each square in white so that they wouldn't blend when stitched together and to make sure that they were all the same size. Next I placed them in an order where I tried not to get the same two colours together, especially the block ones and then stitched them together. Afterwards I cr…

Message from Foster Mummy

Hi Friends

I had a message from Foster Mummy, please see below.

"my blog has moved to: something horrid has happened and I can't access any of my old blog or the last four years' worth of blogs - aaargh!! This means I can't find my list of 400+ followers either, unless they have commented"

It must be so annoying.

See you all soon


Craft Fair

Hel Friends

Nice to see you again.

Some people went to Yarndale, in Skipton, on Saturday.
I would have loved to have gone but I was at a craft fair instead. I had a stall and L was also given a small table. We were in a very large Scout hall that was filled with beautifully hand crafted items, but it was away from the town/village centre and didn't get as many visitors as we would have liked.  I sold one baby blanket to a dog lover and a card purse.

L and her friend also L did very well. They make new jewellery from old and unwanted jewellery that has been donated or picked up from car boots.
 The girls started of on a small table and because a bigger stall holder hadn't turn up they moved over and spread out their stock. During the day they made named keyrings whilst the customer waited.  I feel so very proud of them. The girls have decided that they will do another stall at their school Christmas Fair later in the year. I'll won't be doing one; my stock just w…