Friday, 28 June 2013

I'm Back

Hello friends

I'm back.

The gala season is in full swing. we have attended three so far, non this week end and then 4 more weeks after that. Here are a selection of pictures.
 These two photos are of the gazebo I decorated with the pop bottles I made into flowers and the ivy leaves and butterflies I made from milk bottles carton. They were painted with acrylic paint and then spray varnished to protect from bad weather.
So far we have had 1 glorious day and to cold days. I sprayed painted the rusty old gazebo poles green so that they would blend in with the float (afterwards it will go in our garden ready for our party in August. Tell you about that in another post) The next picture is L wearing her Prince Charming costume I made. I feel very proud that I actually made it. I also decorated the hat to match. You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

So far we have won a 2nd prize and a 1st prize for our float. Next gala is St Annes. Now that the Galas are on the way I have to start doing some house work (yuk). I've not done much in the last 3 months and I need to gut every room so will make a start next Tuesday (mum is at day care) and will also continue with my decluttering.

What else have we done?

We went for a walk during one of them rare nice days, again will do another post for that one with lots of pictures.

I've been working as an exam invigilator for years 11 and 13 with students who have special needs. That took up a lot of time as some of the students were entitled to an allocated extra time to enable them to complete their exam. I enjoyed it and it's keeping me in contact with the working environment for when I am able to go return to some kind of work.

Isn't it funny how sometimes your mind goes blank when you sit at the computer to write your blog. I will have to keep a brief diary.

Hope the weather is nicer where you are today. It's cold and wet here. Cold enough to light a fire but I won't but M, who is always cold, probably will tonight. It's crazy we shouldn't be lighting fires at this time of year.

Thanks for dropping by



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