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On The Beach

Hello friends

We've had a lovely morning. Sit yourself by the fire and I'll make you a brew.

We had a few errands to do in Cleveleys, live get some passport photos done for L they should have cost £5.99 but because M came with us and the shop assistant knew him (from the taxi - ranks up outside the shop) she knocked off the 99p. (great) and then we had a look at L's favourite shop.

After all that was done we parked up on the prom and walked on the beach. My goodness that wind was cold even though the sun was shining.
There were a few people out just for a walk and walking their dogs even a unicyclist was out with his juggling balls (behave, he had three)

We came across this shell. This picture was taken on our walk back to the car because the sun was then behind us. It's huge and the best thing about it is that there is no rust on it and it has survived the worst battering for years unlike the new seats and tables that have been unstuck and shifted by the bashing waves.

An Eventful Week

Hello friends

Come in and sit down and have a brew whilst I tell you about my week

My word it has been an eventful week, some good some not so good. It started when I went grocery shopping on Monday instead of Tuesday because I had some errands to do so I though I would save petrol and do it all at the same time and whilst I was out I bumped into a friend I'd not seen for a bit. We had a lovely chat and one of the things she said was, when I was ready and able to re-enter the would of work to let her know and she would have a word with her boss at the local college regarding learning support. It sounds great and in three years time the college could be busy with the new education rules - The school leavers then will have to go to sixth form, do an apprenticeship or further education. Looks like the timing might just be right (I really hope so)

Tuesday it was a nice day so I went around the garden an took some pictures of early spring but google wouldn't let me download them. …

Baking Something Different

Hello friends

Thank you for your kind words on my last post I really appreciated them and I feel a bit calmer now.

We have another sunny day again today, wow That's three day on the trot but unfortunately it's all about to change and it'll be back to normal, rain.

I made some chocolate scones on Sunday, a bit of an experiment. Ooo they are so good. I put some cocoa powder in with the dry mix and instead of using a milk and egg mixture to bind it all together I used egg and soya custard (it needed using up). The mix was very soft and wet and when baked was still moist (a bit cakey). when a little cooled I split them and spread chocolate spread. (well they had to be tested, didn't they). They would have been extra nice with some whipped cream on top. L loved them, M hated them. Next time I'll make them bigger, extra yumminess.

Look what else I made. Fortune Cookies. We hunted every where to buy them but to no avail so in the end I trawled the internet to find a recipe…

Our Not so Great Outing on Friday

Hello friends

First, welcome to two new followers, Vintage Kitten and Kim H, hope I won't bore you too much and that you find something of interest.

Hope you are all ok after the storms again. I do feel sorry for the folk down south who are struggling with continuous  floods. It must be so horrendous for them.

Today we've had some lovely sunshine with cold winds (great for blowing the washing). I can't remember the last time I saw the sun.

Anyway back to Friday. We had to take L to Manchester's Children's Hospital to see a orthopaedic surgeon because she has Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). The appointment was for 2pm so we brought L out of school at 12.30pm, An hour to get there then half an hour to sort out the parking and find where we have to go. We were five minuets late but we were ok. The journey was awful, There was a lot of surface water on the motorway so that caused a lot of spray  and made visibility very poor and on top of that it was still raining.…