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A Prince, Decluttering and No Spend Days

Hello Friends

Hope you're all well.

I had a cold all last week that has left me with a bit of a chesty cough. Thank goodness it's not a chest infection that so many are getting.

We had an exciting afternoon yesterday. It was the elections for the local Gala Queen. L was in the retinue last year and had to go in her dress, but also entered the audition for this years Queen. After a brief interview L was selected for Prince Charming. She's well pleased even though she was after the Queens position, maybe next year. M and I are both pleased. Now we need to get saving for the costume. I could probably make the jacket and shirt but there is no way I could make a three pointed hat. I do know a dress maker who can, but need to take MIL with us to see if she can get us a discount. MIL goes to a patchwork group with this dress maker, so fingers crossed.

Now for my decluttering update. I haven't done a lot this month because I have been doing some paid work as an exam invigilato…

Bits and Pieces

Hello Friends

Hope you are maneging to keep warm.

I have a pan of tomato soup cooking on the stove. It smell so good.
Yesterday my dad gave me a large packet of cherry tomatoes that he picked for 10p (he also got another three packets for themselves) so that is what is in my soup along with three large tomatoes I already had in the freezer and some red pepper, carrots, swede, celery root, some sundried tomatoes lurking in the fridge and some lentils to bulk it out. I could have put in an onion but I have problems digesting it.
I am so looking forward to lunch today.

Sorry no pictures as I've not had time to play around with google chrome.

Yesterday mum and dad had visit from the Social work department, at the request of the memory assessment Dr. (I was also there). The lady that came was lovely and wanted to arrange for some day care amongst other things that might be helpful. The day care sounded very interesting and arrangements were made for mum to go 1 day a week from the 5th…

Brrrrrrr It's Cold

Hello friends

Hope you all had a good week.

We've still not had much snow in our neck of the woods; just an icing sugar dusting that has now gone. However it's meant to snow again tonight, don't suppose it will be much though.

I have found that during this cold spell I have been more hungry, so I've been making big pots of stew with lots of veg, a little meat (to keep the M the carnivore happy) and bulking it up with lentils and barley or little pasta shells. We have been having this for our lunches instead of sandwiches. I do make soups but they didn't seem to be doing the trick.  What do you make foe keeping warm?

Although it's been very cold I have still hung out my washing and believe it or not it has dried(ish). It has taken longer that usual. When I bring it in I finish off in front of our dinning room heater.

We don't have central heating but we do have gas wall heaters in two of our three bedrooms and one in the dinning room, in the living room we …

Splashing in Puddles

Hello friends

Welcome to new follower Julie from

Last Friday 11 January was step in Puddle and splash your friends day and it got me thinking about when L was aged between 3 and 7 maybe 8 and I took her out to splash in puddles on rainy days.

All kids like to splash in puddles and L was no exception so I got her all togged up in warm clothes and a waterproof over-jacket and waterproof trousers, warm socks and wellies. Then we went off to the local pub car park where there were lots of puddles, some deep and some shallow.
Oh the fun she had and she even managed to fill her wellies a couple of times. L likes to remember and talk about the fun she had Splashing.
I didn't join in because I didn't have any wellies or waterproofs.

Only a short post today, but thanks for dropping by and see you soon


P.S Anyone in the UK got snow? we haven't.

Post With No Title

Hello friends

Hope you all had a good week.

As I'm writing this it is a post with no title. of all the hundreds and thousands of words in the English language I can't put two together to come up with a title yet.

What have I been up to this week. Well, On Sunday I made a huge pan of  minestrone soup. I thought I would have it for my lunches through the week. I've ended up putting some in the freezer because I just made too much.

Yesterday I called in a local charity shop (didn't spend any money) and I came across and old hard back book, The Ship of Adventure by Enid Blyton. I loved these books as a child and L is also enjoying them. Did any one else read these too? I didn't buy this copy as I already have it and three other titles but I am on the look out for others to complete the set. But and it is a big but not at the price that was being asked for in this charity shop, are you sitting down, £14.99.  I had no idea that they had any value. I will certainly be sn…

Everything Back to Normal

Hello friends

Everything is back to normal. The decorations came down at the week-end and packed away in the attic for another year except the stockings, we forgot them. We left the coloured light outside that are around the arbour because we are planing a party towards the end of June for my birthday (another milestone)

L reluctantly went back to school this morning. Last night when I said Good Night I also said "see you in the morning nice and early" her reply was "Nah don't bother I'm not going to school tomorrow"
Unlike most kids that have had 2 weeks off she has had almost three weeks off because on the Monday of her last week L injured her knee in a PE lesson and had difficulty walking. We were at the hospital twice that week to have her knee checked out and luckily there was no damage. It is still a bit sore to go down stairs though.

Over the week-end L decided that she wanted to sort out her wardrobe with my help. She took everything out and laid it…

New Year and New Challenges

Happy New Year friends

I haven't set any new year resolutions this year as never keep them anyway, but what I have done is set some challenges. I have been inspired to do this through reading some of your blogs and to me it makes a lot more sense. So here are my challenges for 2013:

1I want to blog at least twice a week.
I've not been blogging for very long and feel that my posts have been a bit haphazard so I thought I would get myself a routine.
I don't have time to blog everyday as I go about looking after my home and helping my dad look after my mum who has Alzheimer's. One day I will do a post about that.
I also want to make my posts more interesting (not sure how to do that one yet)

2I want to declutter at least 365items out of the house by either binning it, selling it (car boot) or sending it to charity.
We have collected many things over the years and it's taking over our home so now is a good time to get rid.

3Set up a shop on Folksy.
I need to make some ex…