Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year and New Challenges

Happy New Year friends

I haven't set any new year resolutions this year as never keep them anyway, but what I have done is set some challenges. I have been inspired to do this through reading some of your blogs and to me it makes a lot more sense. So here are my challenges for 2013:

1  I want to blog at least twice a week.
I've not been blogging for very long and feel that my posts have been a bit haphazard so I thought I would get myself a routine.
I don't have time to blog everyday as I go about looking after my home and helping my dad look after my mum who has Alzheimer's. One day I will do a post about that.
I also want to make my posts more interesting (not sure how to do that one yet)

2  I want to declutter at least 365 items out of the house by either binning it, selling it (car boot) or sending it to charity.
We have collected many things over the years and it's taking over our home so now is a good time to get rid.

3  Set up a shop on Folksy.
I need to make some extra cash to supplement my Carers Allowance and M's take. (He's a taxi driver and the recession has really hit the taxis)
My plan so far is to make baby blankets and baby car seat covers. The seat covers are my own design so I hope they will take off. I have a few made ready and just have to take a few creative photos.
When I have set it up I will do a post all about it.
I also want to do a few craft fairs selling the same so I will have to get cracking to build up my stock.

No spend days
How many no spend days can I clock up this year. I will record here each month how many I do and any spending I do (apart from the bills and the weekly groceries) I will also record here.

I feel that this is enough to start with and I'm sure there will be more challenges along the way. I feel that this year is going to be a difficult year with trying to make ends meet and seeing my mum slowly deteriorate. (enough doom and gloom)

Today it's raining and I promised L that I would take her shopping with her Christmas vouchers and money. Kylies and WHSmiths. (I really hate shopping at the best of times) I also got some money and vouchers for M&Co. I usually put them away until I find something I want/need.

Tomorrow, at the local library, we will dismantle the knitted Christmas tree. 40 leaves will go into individual bags because the library is running a competition (I don't know the details yet). I know the rectangles will be sewn into blankets for a charity which has yet to be voted on.
This year the Craft Club have two charities they are doing makes for. 1, hats, gloves and scarves for Street Life, a local homeless charity. 2 Hug in a Bag, again this is another local charity for breast cancer suffers (I don't like to call them victims) The main thing to go in the bag along with some toiletries and make up is a heart shape cushion either knitted or sewn. The suffer places the cushion under their arm to ease the pain and discomfort caused by the surgery. Both worth while causes.

This feels like a really long post, I hope I haven't board you too much.
Have a really good day in whatever you are doing and thank you for popping by.



  1. What fantastic plans....especially the decluttering.

  2. There'll be plenty to blog about there!
    Jane x

    1. I hope it won't be too boring to read.

  3. Good luck with your challenges and keep us up to date.
    Love from Mum

  4. Great goals! Blogging really helps me to stay on track with my goals. I guess I feel more accountable when somebody else is reading about it :)

    1. Thank you. I think you are right because if you keep them to your self thes challenges to really exist and it won't matter if they're not done. This way, at least you have to make an effort.

  5. Happy New Year Carol! I love the idea of decluttering 365 things..what a good idea to set a target

    1. Thank you and welcome.
      One a day and if I clear out a cupboard I'm onto a bonus.

  6. Good luck with all your resolutions! Maggie xx


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