Splashing in Puddles

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Welcome to new follower Julie from http://julie-little-world.blogspot.co.uk

Last Friday 11 January was step in Puddle and splash your friends day and it got me thinking about when L was aged between 3 and 7 maybe 8 and I took her out to splash in puddles on rainy days.

All kids like to splash in puddles and L was no exception so I got her all togged up in warm clothes and a waterproof over-jacket and waterproof trousers, warm socks and wellies. Then we went off to the local pub car park where there were lots of puddles, some deep and some shallow.
Oh the fun she had and she even managed to fill her wellies a couple of times. L likes to remember and talk about the fun she had Splashing.
I didn't join in because I didn't have any wellies or waterproofs.

Only a short post today, but thanks for dropping by and see you soon


P.S Anyone in the UK got snow? we haven't.


  1. I wish we could share some snow with you right now :) We have freezing weather and about 2 feet of snow right now!

    1. frost has arrived here. It's about -3 and it's cold but not as cold as your neck of the woods.

  2. My two love puddles, especially when they can slash me!!

    We had snow yesterday and it has gone today but meant to be back tomorrow!

    1. Maybe this time you'll have enough to build a snowman.


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