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Hope you are all keeping warm. It's been so very cold here this week with a few frosty nights and biting cold breezes. No snow although we do live in hope.

We've had a fairly good week. Mum is so much better but still doesn't want to get up in the mornings. I don't blame her for not getting up out of a nice warm and cosy bed when she doesn't have to.

Where have I been this week that has been different from the usual? M and I went to my Aunties funeral which was a lovely service. It was a non-religious service (although she was a regular at the local Methodist church) but a celebration of her life. Afterwards we all met up at a quiet pub.

L and I went to a careers convention at her school. L got some great information on the different career paths she's interested in. I did too because in the not too distant future I will be looking a different and more fulfilling job and at the moment I don't know what I want to do or capable of.  The one thing that a…

Emotional Roller Coaster


We are now heading into the third week of the new year and Christmas holidays fee such a distant memory.
We, really I should say, I have been on such a roller coaster this past two weeks.  The first week back at work and mum was very poorly and we had to persuade the Dr to come out and see mum as we just couldn't get her out of bed (and we didn't want to). We were so worried that we were loosing her. Anyway the Dr came and it turned out she had a bad chest infection and gave her some antibiotics. Woe they were good, We saw a difference in her after the fist dose. She is much recovered now and is to return to day care tomorrow. Also the same week mum's sister, who also had dementia (different type though) died and the funeral is tomorrow at St Anne's crematorium. Mum and dad are not going so I'm going in their place.

This past week L was chosen as our local Gala Queen and her friend S is Prince Charming. She is well pleased. We've already sorted the theme …

Happy 2015

Hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Our Christmas wasn't as planned but was very enjoyable all the same. L has had a lot of art homework to do over the holidays and has worked on it every day except Christmas day and Boxing day. Poor thing was so stressed about the amount she had to do so we broke it down into chunks. There is still a fair bit to do but the majority of it is done and there is still two more weeks to complete. It will be done if we keep chunking away. Here are to pictures of the two bags I made for my baby nephew and niece. They were made from my scraps of fabric I already had and some that I was recently given. The embellishments were hand stitched (whilst watching TV) and then put together by machine. I filled them with age suitable gifts (not hand made)

I haven't made any resolutions again this year but I have made some goals. Last year I said I wanted to get rid of 365 things from the house. I think we made it I forgot to…