Sunday, 18 January 2015

Emotional Roller Coaster


We are now heading into the third week of the new year and Christmas holidays fee such a distant memory.
We, really I should say, I have been on such a roller coaster this past two weeks.  The first week back at work and mum was very poorly and we had to persuade the Dr to come out and see mum as we just couldn't get her out of bed (and we didn't want to). We were so worried that we were loosing her. Anyway the Dr came and it turned out she had a bad chest infection and gave her some antibiotics. Woe they were good, We saw a difference in her after the fist dose. She is much recovered now and is to return to day care tomorrow. Also the same week mum's sister, who also had dementia (different type though) died and the funeral is tomorrow at St Anne's crematorium. Mum and dad are not going so I'm going in their place.

This past week L was chosen as our local Gala Queen and her friend S is Prince Charming. She is well pleased. We've already sorted the theme and design of the float (need agreement from the retinue mums yet) possible colour of costumes and the design of dress and cloak for L. It looks like it's going to be another super busy year, There are a lot more children in the retinue this year so hopefully there will be many willing hands to make the float (fingers crossed).

Oh no just spotted the time, must dash off to mum and dads to help feed mum her tea and give dad a break.

See you soon.



  1. Congratulations to L and I hope she enjoys her year as queen. I remember being a petal thrower, then a member of the retinue and finally a Rose Queen. I never did make Prince Charming as I was too small!

    1. Thank you. I was a train barer, lady in waiting, a cushion barer and then Rose Queen for our church.

  2. I am pleased to hear about your mum but so sorry about her sister. I hope tomorrow goes well. Do you find any infection affects your mum's dementia? You are truly on a roller coaster and sending my love to you x

    1. The funeral went well and it was nice to hear some of the stories, from her brothers, when they were growing up. Also meeting up with my cousins with promises of staying in touch.
      It's hard to tell if infections affect mum's dementia because she has no expression and no communication. However she did start to sleep more and though it was just the progression of the dementia and then she just wasn't for getting up and refusing food so we sent for the Dr. She is still sleeping most of the time. The Dr did say that mum is now in very last stages which does mean she will be sleeping more amongst other things.

  3. Sorry to hear about your Mum's sister.

    Glad your Mum is on the mend, antibiotics really are amazing! Congratulations to L on being chosen as Gala Queen!


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