Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lytham Hall

Today we had a lovely day out. The sun was shining warmly and the gentle breeze was B!@@&y freezing. Luckily we were nicely wrapped up and we found a sheltered spot to enjoy our picnic.

But where did we go? I hear you asking.

Lytham Hall is where we went. I didn't know much about the hall before we went and I still don't as we didn't go inside. We just walked around the grounds.

From a distance the hall looks very grand but as you get closer you see it's in need of some TLC 

There is work going on inside and outside as part of the restoration programme and have been awarded £5.9 million  from the Heritage Lottery to go towards this. Unfortunately the grounds are nothing special at the moment but I'm sure in a few years that will be a different story.

This sunny little courtyard is used by the tea rooms and was well sheltered from the cold breeze. I think it's also used for other activities too from looking at the photos around.

This looks like a nice cupboard but surly it shouldn't be outside exposed to all the elements.  Lets take a sneaky peak inside.
Looks like it could be an early fridge
Tiled walls inside and wire shelving.
Ice box, do you suppose?.

I wouldn't be too happy using these.

Privy? I don't think so with large windows either side and three holes side by side. Not for me, I'll wait until we get home.

Interesting building all the same.

Some photos of the grounds.

Here are a couple of mischievous ones who didn't want their photos taken and decided to walk backwards. 

Time to get tea on the go now. A nice warm pork hotpot.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Our Easter Getaway

Hi everyone

Back to school tomorrow after our Easter break. In the first week L had her first appointment with the orthodontist about having a brace fitted. They agreed she needed one and qualified for NHS funding. But, because she's waiting for her back operation (she's been pencilled in for 24th July) the dentist said he'll wait until after the operation when she's fit and well again so that he doesn't have to take the brace off partway through her treatment.
I had a further eye injection and the Dr made my eye bleed. It looks so much worse that it felt. The effects of the bleeding is slowly disappearing.
This past week I've had my nose to the sewing machine and finished L's Gala Queen dress except for the hem. I'm letting it hang for a little while for the skirt to settle. Next up is the coat to go with it and rally all the parent up for float decorating.

We went away for Easter and stayed with some wonderful friends in a tiny village called Blagill. The village consists of four very old houses and a farm. It's partway up a hill called Blagill just outside the highest market town of Alston in Cumbria.
I'm going to do a Mum and show you some pictures from my seat.

Directly in front of me is a field full of sheep and young lambs and rabbits too

To my left is the garden gate. Can you see it? and King Frog and his frogetts

I'll stand up now so that you can see over the stone wall

Look at that view, isn't it amazing. Now to the right

Just through that gate is a little waterfall that travels under the road and through the next doors garden and out the back.

and now for behind me. You can just a little peep of the house. It'is a grade II listed building which our friends are slowly renovating.

The view from the back of the house is like the front rolling hills and trees.
It's such a peaceful place with only a few cars passing so you can hear the wild life. Birds singing, lambs calling for their mothers (can get very loud sometimes), Later in the year it's cows. Cockerels calling, all the time, and passing pheasants calling. The wild deer sometimes visit and nibble the plants overhanging the wall and if they see a tastier treat in the garden they will jump the wall.

It's a wonderful place to stay but a difficult place to live as there's not much work in or around the town so the locals have to travel and not much in the way of schools either. Very small and no
colleges or further education.

See you soon


P.S Photos taken by L

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