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Camping in Shropshire

After completing the last gala we went on a camping holiday for 5 days to Shropshire taking with us L friend S, who's not been camping before. We stayed at a private camp site just out side Much Wenlock. I'm not sure if it's a village or town. The lovely little shops suggest it's a village but they have markets so, to me, that suggest it's a town. Either way it was lovely. This building on the right had a date on it suggesting it was built in the 1600's and it's currently occupied as a home although I feel it might once have been a public house. To me it's beautiful and I'm amazed at it's survival.

This picture on the left is the view from the front of our tent towards the town. When we arrived on the Wednesday the site only had a few caravans on it. Gradually it filled up towards the weekend and emptied again on Sunday. We left on the Monday.
This next picture just below is to the left of us. L and S having a game of giant snakes and ladders whi…

From Peelings

Hello everyone

We've been having lots of fun recently. The galas have finished and and we've been on holiday (will tell you all about that in another post).

Today I've been tidying up a corner of the garden and I got fed up of seeing the potato plants growing from out of the sides of the compost bin, and they were starting to flower. Out they came with some potatoes. I didn't plant them they just grew from my potato peelings. I guess I peel them too thick.  I'll probably get some more next year from the tiny ones I left behind and the peelings I compost next spring

Looks like these could be King Edwards and a Rooster. Just enough to go with tea tonight.

Since Thursday last week we've had to boil all our drinking water because somehow sheep's poo got into the system and contaminated it. We don't have a dishwasher so had to boil the water for that too. What a pain it's been. Drinking boiled water taste awful and on Friday we tried to get a bottle of w…