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DVLA, Menu Catch Up and a Nice Walk

Hello friends

I've notices a couple of new followers, welcome.

I did my weekly grocery shop this morning and whilst I was loading the car I noticed a van driving slowly around the car park. A bit sus I thought. But then I saw the sign on the side, DVLA, I suppose they were looking for cars without a current tax disc or MOT.  I didn't know they did that that sort of thing. My car is book for its MOT this Friday (I do hope it passes)

Last week I did my first menu plan and found it quite useful and remembered to get items out of the freezer in the morning so that it could defrost in time for tea/dinner. I have just done another menu plan for the next 12 days but I won't bore you with the details.

Sunday we went for a walk here after seeing Mum's pictures here. Some of our pictures:

 I'm afraid I can't take any credit for these photos. M took the first two and L took the last two. I wonder who those shadows belong to? It was a nice day but a bit hazy for picture t…

Menu Planning

Hello friends

How is everyone? Grab yourself a brew and sit yourself down.

I've just gone through my freezer to see whats in it. I read a few blogs that do menu planning for a week so I thought I would have a go from today and this is what I've come up with.

Thurs  Evening Meal  L - Peanut Butter Sandwiches with carrot and cucumber sticks/slices
                                     M/me - Bacon and potato layered with peas and carrots

Fri - EM -  H/M chicken burgers in a bun with side salad and oven chips.

Sat - Lunch  M - H/M pea and ham soup + sandwich
                     Me - H/M chicken and veg soup
                     L - Peanut butter sandwich and something else
        EM       Some kind of chicken and salad wraps

Sun - Lunch  M/C chicken and veg soup + M has a sandwich
                       L - Peanut butter sandwich and something else.
        E/M        Lamb meat balls in a lamb and mint gravy with mini dry roast potatoes,
                       carrot and swede mash…

Mothers Day

Hello Friends

Happy Mothers Day to Mums Everywhere Carolx

Crafty Fun

Hello Friends

Hope everyone is well.

This week has just flown by. Anyway grab yourself a brew and I will share with you some of the crafty fun things I've been doing.

Over the weekend I spent some quality time with L and we made these. L sorted all the sequins into colours in cake cases. We got the polystyrene eggs from some £ shop.
We already had the sequins and the pins and the ribbon came from some of my vest T-shirts. Every year we have an Easter Tree so these will hang on it. We had a lovely long chats about all sorts of things and we had sore thumbs and index finger when we had finished. It was fun though. M was watching the TV and playing on his Ipad thingy.

I finished this blanket off for my SIL who is due to have a baby in April. She gave me the white and yellow and I added the pink (yes, she is having a girl). I did it in single trebles all the way round instead of making a big granny square. I finished it off with a shell edge. On my needles at the moment are these trian…

February's Decluttering and No Spends

Hello Friends

How are you doing? 

We have just come back from Fleetwood. We went to the market to get some material for L's Prince Charming outfit. It took a while to find the right materials and I'm now £65 lighter. Now we need to see a dress maker to see about getting it made up. I could do the dress but so of that material is being used in the jacket and I'm not confident about making the jacket so best get them done together I think. Then we had a short walk along the sea font and guess what?          I forgot my camera and it's such a nice day too. I really must keep it in my handbag.

Well back to the subject in hand. I didn't do to well with the decluttering during Frebruary as you can see below. but my dad and I have now got a better routine now for looking after mum so March could be a better month. I had 16 days of no spend which is only 2 days better than January. I think I can still do better.

JanFebFor Sale20 To The Bin/Recycling4519For Charity504For Car…