Saturday, 2 March 2013

February's Decluttering and No Spends

Hello Friends

How are you doing? 

We have just come back from Fleetwood. We went to the market to get some material for L's Prince Charming outfit. It took a while to find the right materials and I'm now £65 lighter. Now we need to see a dress maker to see about getting it made up. I could do the dress but so of that material is being used in the jacket and I'm not confident about making the jacket so best get them done together I think. Then we had a short walk along the sea font and guess what?          I forgot my camera and it's such a nice day too. I really must keep it in my handbag.

Well back to the subject in hand. I didn't do to well with the decluttering during Frebruary as you can see below. but my dad and I have now got a better routine now for looking after mum so March could be a better month. I had 16 days of no spend which is only 2 days better than January. I think I can still do better.

  Jan Feb
For Sale 2
To The Bin/Recycling 45 19
For Charity 50 4
For Car Booting 17 0
Total 114 23

 March should be an interesting month with sorting the garden and planting veggie seeds and some flower seeds. The seeds will have to be started off in a cold frame so that is why they are later than most peoples.

Something else I'm going to do this month is sort out the types of meals/soups/lunches we like to eat. I don't menu plan because most of the meat I buy has a yellow label on it so I don't know what I'm getting until I get to the meat isle at the supermarket. (That's a thought, maybe I could menu plan after shopping. Might give that a try.)

It's my mum's birthday tomorrow, she will be 75. We have got her a lavender plant for the garden. She loves the scent of lavender.

Unfortunately I can't hang around gassing today. However it was nice of you to drop by and I hope to see you again soon.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



  1. Happy Birthday to your Mum for tomorrow :o)
    I love plants for special occaisions...they are there to remind you all year round. Have a lovely weekend KKWF ^..^

    1. Thank you.
      I always try to get mum a plant for her birthday and sometimes for Mother's Day too. Once I got her a packet of flower seeds for the garden. They last so much longer than cut flowers.

  2. At least you've de-cluttered something. Material's a heck of a price isn't it. Shame you forgot your camera it really was sunny but oh so cold. Happy Birthday to your mum from this mum.
    Love from Mum

    1. Yes your right. Material is expensive. Years ago I used to make a lot of my own clothes years ago but now it's so much cheaper to go to Pimark. I could have a go at making this outfit but can't afford for it to go wrong. Also there is a page boy in the retinue who will need an outfit making and I couln't manage the time for that as well as helping to decorate the float.

    2. Thank you Mum for my mum's birthday wishes.


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