Thursday, 14 March 2013

Menu Planning

Hello friends

How is everyone? Grab yourself a brew and sit yourself down.

I've just gone through my freezer to see whats in it. I read a few blogs that do menu planning for a week so I thought I would have a go from today and this is what I've come up with.

Thurs  Evening Meal  L - Peanut Butter Sandwiches with carrot and cucumber sticks/slices
                                     M/me - Bacon and potato layered with peas and carrots

Fri - EM -  H/M chicken burgers in a bun with side salad and oven chips.

Sat - Lunch  M - H/M pea and ham soup + sandwich
                     Me - H/M chicken and veg soup
                     L - Peanut butter sandwich and something else
        EM       Some kind of chicken and salad wraps

Sun - Lunch  M/C chicken and veg soup + M has a sandwich
                       L - Peanut butter sandwich and something else.
        E/M        Lamb meat balls in a lamb and mint gravy with mini dry roast potatoes,
                       carrot and swede mash and broccoli

Mon - E/M    L/M mini chicken keives with oven chips and L salad and M peas
                       Me H/M chicken burger with oven chips peas and salad
 L Needs an early tea tonight as she's off on a school trip to the Lancaster Grand Theatre to support the schools drama group. The school entered a competition called "Northern  Beat" and the theme is about Exploitation and Vunerability. They are one of six finalists in tonight's show. Hope they do well.

The menu looks quite a mish mash. L is quite a fussy eater and often complains about what is on her plate.  M likes beef, I don't but I will cook it for him and freeze the remainder. I've recently discovered that I'm lactose intolerant so have to watch what I eat and check lables. (It's quite a learning curve).
I make sure that if I have the oven on all the dinner will be cooked in there so that I'm not messing with lots of pans and trays and then all the washing up after. Looks like most of this weeks dinner are from the oven except the potato and bacon layer, that will be done in the microwave and finished off under the grill.

I've got to get ready for meeting mum at the library for our craft club so must dash.

See you soon and thank you for dropping by.




  1. Your menu looks delicious, Carol.

  2. I just open the fridge and hope for the best!
    Love from Mum

  3. Hi Mum.
    That's what I usually do but. we have tea somewhere around 5-6pm and sometimes I've forgotten to get something out the freezer so we end up with beans on toast, which is not good on days when M goes back out to work. So I though I would try and be organised this week and see hpw it goes.


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