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Liebster Award

I've been  nominated, by Pam from A New Life In Wales, for the Liebster Award. She has asked 10 questions and then I'm supposed to nominate other blogs and ask 10 different questions.

1) Most hated domestic task Ironing - When I hang washing out on the line I will hang t-shirts and shirts on coat hangers and peg them onto the line so they don't blow off. Sometimes they still need ironing. 2) Knitting or Crochet I enjoy both for different reasons. I'm a neater knitter for garments and I like to do sleeves (and fronts) at the same time so that they match. Crochet grows faster and I like the action of crochet. 3) Favourite film genre t the moment it's comedy. Life is to serious so it's good to laugh a lot also it's a stress reliever. (GCSEs for Laura at the moment) 4) Best place that you have been Up to date it has to be when we went to Jamaica for my younger brother's wedding a couple of years ago. Very exotic for us. 5) Jewellery wearer or not I like to wear jew…

From Curvy To Straight

Last Friday we were up at the Manchester's Children's Hospital for Laura's 4 month post op check up. All went well and she's recovering well although she feels it's too slow as she wants to get back to normal. But like any other major surgery it takes time to heal and build your strength back up and she realises she has to take things slowly and her body lets her know when she's done too much. On the left is Laura's spine before her operation. Very curvy. There wasn't much to see on the out side except for her right shoulder blade area was larger than the left but her clothes and long hair hid it very well. On the right is the x-ray the hospital took a couple of days after her operation. It's amazing how straight the surgeons got Laura's spine. We were told that the spine would only go as straight as the spinal cord will allow it. It's almost straight. An x-ray was done on Friday and her spine looked a bit straighter but that's not possib…