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Some Christmas Knits

My mums hands always feels cold and I remembered seeing old Steptoe (from the black and white comedy series Steptoe and Son - I hated that old man I though he was so creepy) wore fingerless gloves as does Auntie Wainwright from Last of the Summer Wine and it got me thinking and I gave it some more thought. I then trawled the internet for a pattern for fingerless gloves. I didn't want anything fancy or lacy just plain because all I wanted was the number of stitches as I could do the rest. I eventually found some and these are the fist ones I made in a really soft arran yarn, The colour is a mid blue but the light isn't good at the moment for taking picture. The background was a white table cloth. 
I've already given these to mum but they're too big but they will do for a couple more weeks because I've made another pair in double knitting and I'm just sewing up second pair. I think mum likes them because they only come off at bed time so extra ones are needed for …

December Garden Surprises

I had a wonder around my small back garden this morning after hanging out the washing. It was cold, nearly frosty, but the sun was shining and it was lovely.
Come and see what I found
2 Alpine strawberries almost ready to eat. There was another hiding under a leaf ready to eat, not any more - delicious. I do love the delicate flavour of these but you do have to grow many for a dish full.

1 plum tomato that needs just a little more ripening. You can see the sun reflecting off the skin.

These are Nasturtiums. I pulled all the plants out early Autumn because I didn't want them to dropping too many seeds but because it's been so mild some seeds have sprouted.

Blueberries. These were very small so I left them for the bird but they're not interested - must be plenty of other food stuff about. I think I'll pick some over the weekend see what they're like.

This Fushia (not sure of the spelling} twig is from next door that grows right next to the fence and under it. Even so i…