Saturday, 28 November 2015

Afternoon Tea

A month ago (how time flys) it was the beginning of half term and M and I were celebrating 25 years together, although only married for nine. We decided that celebrating our whole time together was more important than just the time being married.

To celebrate we (just the three of us) went for afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. I'm so glad that someone has sympathetically renovated this beautiful historic building. It has so much character it would have been a shame to see it demolished.

We'd been saving our £2 coins all year (We over saved but hey what a bonus)
I booked the table for 3:30 and we arrived a little before. I though we were going to be late as there was heavy traffic through Lancaster.

As we arrived L was taken by the two seahorses on the front of the hotel.

We went up to the hotel reception desk and was pointed in the right direction. We were then greeted by a lovely waitress who carried a box and after seating us at a window table presented the open box for us to select our tea.
The view from our table was fantastic. The tide was out.
Our pot of tea came followed by a tiered plate laden with sandwiches and cakes. Wow it look so nice and beautifully presented.
M had smoked salmon sandwich and L and I had cheese there were also cucumber and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise and fresh ham, no crusts and cut into fingers. 5 different cakes each. Fruit scone and a plain scone with jam and clotted cream (first time I'd had clotted cream) a fruit tart, a small chocolate ├ęclair and a thin slice of Victoria sponge.
We relaxed and took our time and enjoyed the whole experience of being posh for afternoon.
By 4:45 we had almost finished. L couldn't finish her cakes and we were all stuffed. I was looking out for a waiter to ask if we could take them home when he came along with a handful of little cake boxes and asked if we wanted one. I think this was a polite gesture to say please leave we need to set up for evening meal.

Would I do it again? absolutely but I would have to save my £2 coins again.

If you google Midland Hotel, Morecambe you will see more pictures of this amazing hotel. We didn't take many pictures inside as there were a lot of people milling about because there was a wedding going on.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

"I Don't Believe It"

I really do feel like Victor Meldrew at this moment in time. On Thursday evening we receiving a phone call from the hospital cancelling L's operation on Monday. It's now 14 December. Someone has a brain tumour and the operating theatre needs to be used. They only have two and I suppose L's operation isn't life threatening so could be rearranged. (fare do's)

Later I found this rhyme on facebook (I changed the 2nd line but couldn't think how to change the first) but it sums up just how she's feeling

On the 2nd day of Christmas
L's consultant gave to her:
5 all-nighter
4 hours of crying
3 mental breakdowns
2 thoughts of dropout

And a month of anxiety

L is feeling well and truly emotionally drained. She couldn't face going back into school yesterday so I let her sleep and then we went out for a change of environment and fresh air. (did a bit of Christmas shopping and had some lunch). She felt a bit better for it.However she will go back to school on Monday. 

The other frustrating thing is, I can't go back to work as they've arranged cover for my absence through an agency. The school is strapped for cash and yet they would prefer to pay the extra for the agency staff than have me back for four weeks. I work 21/2 hour and the agency staff do a minimum of 4 hours a day. I won't even be paid whilst I'm off either. Makes no sense to me.

I suppose there is a slight sliver lining to not going back to work. I have 4 weeks to get Christmas organised and for a change all the wrapping will be done before Christmas Eve.
I plan to run the freezer right down and then stock it up again with some Christmasy things and other good stuff to see us through the tight period after Christmas.

Life sure can be a challenge.

Have a lovely week end 


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Another Bright Blanket

We went to the Cenotaph this morning for the remembrance service. L and the Gala Princess laid a wreath of poppies. We took our big umbrellas. Good job we did as the heaven opened several times during the service. I felt sorry for the Vicar, bald head and no hat.

What do you think of my new blanket? It's taken ages to do because for around two years I've been crocheting a small three round granny squares, using up oddments of yarn, with the intention of making a blanket. I made the squares when I was between projects and on car journeys. It was a pick up and put down sort of project. I had no image of the end result, I just made it up as I went along. After a bit of thought I did three rounds of white round each colourful square. Next I stitched four squares together to make one larger square. And after a bit more thought and deliberation  I crocheted another three rounds and now I felt the squares were the right size. I joined them together with a line of single crochet in a bright coloured yarn and each one was a different colour. This way of joining was new to me but I'm pleased with the way it turned out.
Next I needed a boarder. I thought a wide granny boarder would kind of frame the centre and in keeping to the theme. I didn't want just white so I picked out my biggest odd balls and using the smallest of them first I alternated white and colour finishing off with a shell edge. I'm loving the way it's turned out. I don't think I'll make any more big blankets for quite a while. We just don't need them.

What's on  my needles at the moment? some Christmas presents. I will show and tell when they are done.

Just to keep you up to date. L goes for her matching blood tests on Friday ready for the following Monday. The big op day. I feel sick and nervous for her. Goodness knows what she's feeling.

Best wishes



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