Saturday, 14 November 2015

"I Don't Believe It"

I really do feel like Victor Meldrew at this moment in time. On Thursday evening we receiving a phone call from the hospital cancelling L's operation on Monday. It's now 14 December. Someone has a brain tumour and the operating theatre needs to be used. They only have two and I suppose L's operation isn't life threatening so could be rearranged. (fare do's)

Later I found this rhyme on facebook (I changed the 2nd line but couldn't think how to change the first) but it sums up just how she's feeling

On the 2nd day of Christmas
L's consultant gave to her:
5 all-nighter
4 hours of crying
3 mental breakdowns
2 thoughts of dropout

And a month of anxiety

L is feeling well and truly emotionally drained. She couldn't face going back into school yesterday so I let her sleep and then we went out for a change of environment and fresh air. (did a bit of Christmas shopping and had some lunch). She felt a bit better for it.However she will go back to school on Monday. 

The other frustrating thing is, I can't go back to work as they've arranged cover for my absence through an agency. The school is strapped for cash and yet they would prefer to pay the extra for the agency staff than have me back for four weeks. I work 21/2 hour and the agency staff do a minimum of 4 hours a day. I won't even be paid whilst I'm off either. Makes no sense to me.

I suppose there is a slight sliver lining to not going back to work. I have 4 weeks to get Christmas organised and for a change all the wrapping will be done before Christmas Eve.
I plan to run the freezer right down and then stock it up again with some Christmasy things and other good stuff to see us through the tight period after Christmas.

Life sure can be a challenge.

Have a lovely week end 



  1. Oh, poor L. What a let down. The upside is that another person can have emergency treatment and you have more time for Christmas preparations but it's a bummer all the same.

    1. We do need to look on the positive side. A persons life will no doubt be saved by have tumours removed and they too can have a wonderful Christmas.


  2. Enjoy the enforced rest and relish the extra time you can give to L right now. X she ( and you ) need it x

    1. We have been spending lots of time chatting and having snuggles on the sofa. I even managed to make her laugh when she caught "Tracy Beakers Hay fever" the other day.


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