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Hot and Cold

Hello friends

How are you this weekend? The weather here has been ok, A bit of sun, some cloud, a cool wind and a little bit of rain in the evening.

Saturday Morning we went into Blackpool for the second annual Chilli Festival. I rally don't like chillies but M does so we went along to see what it was all about.
There were lots of stalls selling various sauces, chutneys, mustards, even honey, any many other accompaniments of varying degrees of heat. We were told that the lighter the colour the milder the heat and the darker, the hotter. I tried a couple of mild sauces but they were much too hot for me. M tried a super hot one and then had to go and buy a bottle of milk to cool down the burn.
The local radio station was there and later in the afternoon were doing a chilli eating contest (don't know how it went because we had left by then).
A couple of stalls that were cooking some foods using chillies.  The aroma was so good.
Once you'd had your fill you could wash it …


Hello friends

I'm back. I've been dealing with some personal stuff and I'm starting to come through it now.

I've made another twiddle muff for mum because we want to wash the one we gave her for Christmas. It's been a huge success. Sometimes she will sit for hours straightening all the bits on it. This passed weekend mum was in hospital (she collapsed at day care but is ok and back home now) and dad and I took her old muff in. The ward sister was well impressed and watched mum twiddling with it and thought it was a great idea and has asked me if I could make some for the ward. I have given this some thought and will put this to the craft club I go to as they are looking for a new charity project. The craft club is actually called Craft and Chat and is held at my local library.
In Lancashire most of libraries have a craft and chat group so I'm hoping I can get some of the other groups involved. It is such a simple idea but so affective in keeping dementia patient…