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Hello friends

This past week has gone so fast and thee weather has changed so dramatically.

Last Wednesday L turned 15.  She is growing up into a confident young lady who thinks all boys are a waste of space, stupid and immature (wonder how long that will last). She's doing very well in school and achieving excellent grades. She also has lots of fun and crazy moments with her friends and has no time for the airheads (as she calls them) in school. Over half term there will be a trip to Madam Toussauds, in Blackpool with 3 friends, followed by hm pizza and hm cake for tea and then a sleep over (with midnight snacks)

Some famous names L shares her birthday with
King Henry III Jimmy Carter Julie Andrews Keith Duffy Harry Hill
L was in a Hip Hop dance competition, on Saturday, at the Winter Gardens. She danced the best she has ever danced before and with such enthusiasm but still didn't win anything. It's hard to know what the judges are looking for. One of the judges is a frie…