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To Me.. To You.. To Me

Yesterday afternoon I took L to see the Chuckle Brothers in "The Chuckles of OZ" at the Marine Hall in Fleetwood. It was the Wizard of OZ panto which was done very well with a cast of six and two others and only three scene changes. Considering that this show has been touring since February the costumes and sets still looked fresh and new.

Anyway back to the show - It was fantastic and had us crying with laughter. It's advertised as being suitable from age 3 to 103. The humour was very cleverly done and in one sketch the children were laughing at the cucumber scene whilst the adults and their imaginations saw something different (so very funny). I don't like slapstick comedy, I find it frustrating but these two guys do it so differently and put heir own twist to it so making less predictable.

These were some accidental mishaps like when Paul (age 68) slapped Barry's face (part a hypnosis sketch and Barry wasn't co-operating, as he does) and later whilst Barry…
Life here at Spring Cottage is very busy at the moment with all the gala paraphernalia.
Building new float sides because the old ones were rotten. Gluing on sheets of polystyrene using lots of PVA. Drawing the design onto the polystyrene. Cutting lots and lots of plastic table clothes into strips to poke into the polystyrene. Getting the parents involved has been hard work but they are slowly coming around. M has made lots of pink flowers. All will be revealed at a later date we have to keep it a secret for the time being.
Whilst we have been doing all this I've also been making L's costume. The dress is done but for the hem. It needs trimming and then I'm going to use bias binding to make a quick a neat hem. The train/coat is coming along nicely. Another big sewing day on Sunday and the biggest part will be done.  I need to have the bulk of it done by Sunday because next week I start the exam invigilating so not a lot of free time.
Meanwhile I've managed to complete m…