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What Ever The Weather

Hello friends

Hope you are all having a good week end. We've had a mixed bag of weather but that hasn't stopped us from playing out.

Saturday was Poulton Gala and our (Thornton) Queen and Retinue were invited to attend so on Friday evening we parents put the float together and made any repairs after the winter storage. Saturday we gathered at the designated area and look at the weather. We had a very heavy down pour whilst getting ready and plaiting L's hair. The rest of the day until late afternoon it was light rain. However the parade still went ahead. This is our float waiting for the children to climb aboard, who were putting on their plastic ponchos. The parade appeared to be moving a little quicker than usual. I feel that the leading band must have been playing a faster march.
The crowning was done in the nearby church, St Chad's by the newly elected Mayor. The church is quite famous because in the spring, within the grounds, the grass is a mass of purple crocus …

The joys of Ivigilating

Here I Sit
Here I sit  with nothing in my hands No book, no knitting, no crochet I must keep my eyes open No snoozing on this job
Sniff, sniff Cough, cough Wriggle, wriggle Scratch Yawn Shuffle, shuffle Slurp Scribble Sneeze, sneeze Not me, I'm just quietly watching
An anxious face looks up Head back down only another hour and forty five to go Head on hand Head in hands Papers turn Head back up, cogs are turning Head back down one more hour to go Almost half way.
My shopping list is done My kitchen cupboards are sorted and cleaned Wardrobe sorted Garden sorted Only in my head Oh my bum has gone numb.
Reading and checking reading and checking again Pen down, pen up Last minute scribble and correction All done now
Times up That was a long one today Papers collected The students leave A quick wiggle whilst no one is looking The feeling in my numb bum is back That is me done for today.