Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The joys of Ivigilating

Here I Sit

Here I sit  with nothing in my hands
No book, no knitting, no crochet
I must keep my eyes open
No snoozing on this job

Sniff, sniff
Cough, cough
Wriggle, wriggle
Shuffle, shuffle
Sneeze, sneeze
Not me, I'm just quietly watching

An anxious face looks up
Head back down only another hour and forty five to go
Head on hand
Head in hands
Papers turn
Head back up, cogs are turning
Head back down one more hour to go
Almost half way.

My shopping list is done
My kitchen cupboards are sorted and cleaned
Wardrobe sorted
Garden sorted
Only in my head
Oh my bum has gone numb.

Reading and checking
reading and checking again
Pen down, pen up
Last minute scribble and correction
All done now

Times up
That was a long one today
Papers collected
The students leave
A quick wiggle whilst no one is looking
The feeling in my numb bum is back
That is me done for today.



  1. I think I'd fidget like crazy.
    Love from Mum

    1. I do fidget because I can't sit still for any length of time. Invigilating can be vey boring but they're only for a short period of time.


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