Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ups and Downs

Hello friends

First I would like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post and I have taken your pionts them on board and will leave the frame as it is.

I know it's been a few weeks since my last post. This past week has been half term for us (the two weeks prior I was doing some GCSE exam invigilating, very busy).

Up - Saturday, last week, L was in Churchtown Gala (near Garstang) and the weather was fine and not too warm as we walked along to the, beautiful and old, ST Helen's church for a short service before waking back for the crowning of the new Rose Queen.
Down - It rained on the walk back but luckily we had umbrellas with us. It continued to rain lightly though out the crowning.
Up - My friend lives across the road from the gala field so we popped over for a brew and a natter once the crowning was over.
Down - It was pouring down, after leaving my friends, so M collected the car from the nearby field whilst we waited in a sheltered spot.

Down - Sunday's weather was not so good and there was no archery on.
Up - we got to spend some quality time together as a family

UP - Monday the weather was great and we went to watch the Garstang Children's Festival Gala then had a picnic lunch before going to Fleetwood  to do some shopping at Freeport.

Tuesday - Well that depends on how you look at it as I had a lot of thing to catch up on and preparations to do for the following day and call in to mum and dads and making sure L was ok  doing her own thing ect. ect.

Up - Wednesday was a big day for me. First I delivered fourteen twiddlemuffs to he hospital ward that mum was in just before Easter. I made twelve and two were made by members of the Thursday craft club. (More are being made for me to decorate and will be donated to another ward) The ward sister was delighted with them and will keep the muffs on the ward and take them home to wash as and when needed.
Down - After making the delivery I made my way through the hospital to the eye department because I was having another injection into my left eye. It was a different one this time as the last one didn't work and has left me with Glaucoma. It was quite unpleasant and I've to have two more. Hopefully this will work but if not the next line of treatment is laser. My eye felt uncomfortable for the rest of the day and I was feeling quite sorry for myself.

Up - Thurday and my eye felt much better although it was a little blood shot. L came with me to craft club and there was a lot of catching up to do as I'd been missing for two weeks. Then we went off to Blackpool to visit the Illuminatia at the Winter Gardens. Local resident got a reduced price during May so we took advantage of it. It was fantastic. All the exhibits were made of silk over metal frames. They were bright, colourful and just amazing. I took so many photos that really they deserve a picture post of their own.

Down - Had to some housewifey stuff in the morning.
Up - Played on the Wii all afternoon with L and tea was late.
Down - Forgot to turn up at the Gala Queens mum's house to sort the float sides out for next week end, oops. I did phone to apologise. I just had too much fun in the afternoon.

And today. M and I dropped L off at the train station because she was off to Liverpool Arena with the Guides to watch the Big Gig. It's a concert of various artists (no 1D unfortunately, they're in Manchester tonight) and the arena is just full to the brim with girls and their leaders. We've done some holiday shopping (one pair of linen shorts and long trousers for M so far) and I've done some gardening and later M is taking me out for tea to a new pub that's recently opened, The Iron Horse. Then we'll pick up L, from the station at around 7pm. She'll be so full of excitement, well she was last time, and it's so lovely to listen to her. As I'm a unit helper for the Guides I also could have gone to the Big Gig but L didn't want me there which was fine because I didn't want to go.

Well I better go and get myself washed and changed ready for my date. It's like going on a date as we so rarely go out on our own.

See you soon




  1. Hoping you have a really great Date Night with your beloved!! [and that L enjoys her Guides Trip too]

    1. M and I had a lovely evening and the pub meal was lovely and surprisingly inexpensive. L enjoyed herself and wanted to do it all again.

  2. Up, down, up, down, you must think you're a yo-yo. You must be on the up now, going out on a date. Make sure you're home early and be good!
    Love from Mum

    1. We had a lovely evening and I was very good (wink)

  3. Hope you had a lovely evening, it is so nice to go out just as a couple sometimes!
    A x

    1. We did have a lovely evening and the meal was nice. You're right it is nice to go out as a couple and sit's something we rarely do.


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