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Hello friends

Welcome to new follower Maggie from Flowers in the Window.

For the past couple of weeks or so I have been feeling progressively down and this morning I realised why. I've been hit with S.A.D..  Usually it hits around February time but this year it's hit early.

What is S.A.D? I hear you gently whisper. It stands for, Seasonal Affective Disorder you can find out more here.

When I think about the awful weather we have had this year I'm not surprised that S.A.D has hit early, more rain and dull days than sunshine. What am I going to do to get through it?  Well, I don't want to go to the Dr's who will prescribe anti depressants and no way can I afford the special light box so the next best thing it to get out into the sunshine as and when it appears and brainwash myself with lots of positive thoughts.

Today was meant to be a sunny day (it tried hard to get through the hazy clouds), So whilst L was out with her friend M and I  went for a walk along the prom…

Lamb Burgers

Hello friends

Yesterday I went into Aldi and found some mince lamb at half price, bargain, so I got one packet (short on funds other wise I would have got more).
I used to use a lot of minced lamb in place of beef as I don't eat beef. I would make Bolognaise, Lasagna, Chilli. Now I use minced turkey or pork instead as they're cheaper and L doesn't like the taste of red meats. Poor M who loves beef only gets it occasionally, if it has a yellow sticker on it or a burger.

Anyway back to the minced lamb. I Thought I would show you what I did with it. I mixed the lamb with a sachet of Garden Mint. You could add some onions and garlic if you like. I have a problem digesting onions so I didn't use them. After mixing it by hand I made 3 burgers, using my burger press, and 6 things on sticks for our Boxing Day buffet. I don't know what to call them, they're a bit like kofters then flattened.  I might even make a mint dip to go with them (my mouth is watering at the thou…


Hello friends

This morning we all went to the local Cenotaph for the remembrance service, L was with the Guides. The Cenotaph is at a cross roads and every year more people come to pay their respects and this year was no different. There were people standing in the road and crowds on the other three corners and the centre was filled to overflowing with uniformed groups and veterans.
The ground was soaked from last nights rain but the sun was shining this morning. The service was conducted by the very nice Rev. Jayne Ward.

The crowd begins to gather. May we remember all service personnel and civilians who have died as a result of conflict both past and present. Carolx

My Christmas Preparation

Hello friends

Welcome to new follower Sassy Breese from Muddle Puddle.

I've been doing some Christmas preparations recently.
I've made two more book covers for L's two best friends. These were done in double knit and L picked the colours from my stash.

On my needles at the moment I have a scarf for my baby nephew (18 months old) and I will buy a pair of mittens with little grippy pads so that he can still have his bottle without it slipping out of his hands.
I'm planning to knit an infinity cowl for my teenage nephew who is a student at sixth form.
I've made a heat pad for my dad as he suffers with arthritis in his neck which not only gives him neck ache but also bad hedaches.

When out shopping on Monday I looked at the Christmas displays and gift packs etc. This has inspired me to make some felt tree decorations that can be used on presents for the females, the males in our family wouldn't appreciate them. I've also started a scrap/note book for future i…

A Gift from Canada

Hello friends

I went grocery shopping today and got our Christmas turkey. At £9.00 for a small frozen turkey, that was much bigger than a big chicken, I decided to get it now before they go up next month. When I got back I found this on my door step:

It was from Sassy Breese at Muddle Puddle. I bet you're wondering what it is?  I'll show you A beautifully wrapped parcel. Looks interesting. I bet you are wondering what it is. I'll show you It's a bag. It used to be a t-shirt. Sassy makes bags from old or unwanted t-shirts and has recently opened a shop at Etsy called Morning Breese. The bag is lovely and folds up small enough to fit in my handbag and stretchy enough to hold quit a bit of  shopping. Why not pay Sassy a visit to either at her blog or her shop. Carolx   

Met Office Got it Wrong Again

Hello Friends

This morning before I went out I checked the weather report on the computer. Usually I check it with the BBC but as they are often wrong I decided to check with the Met Office.
Fine all day until about 3pm. That's good I can hang the washing on the line and it should be dry before the rain cames.
Half an hour after hanging out the washing we got hail stone and it continued for another 10 minutes after taking this photo. And it has rained ever since.

So much for getting my washing dry.

Maybe tomorrow