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This Weeks Catch Up

Hello friends.

Lovely to see you all.

Saturday gone was the last of seven galas for this year, we didn't win any prizes this time. I have to say that we've had fantastic weather this year compared with last year. Last year was cold and wet.  A set of parents, I'll call M&S, have a lovely big garden and they suggested that we go back to theirs to celebrate. We did a Jacobs join and took whatever we had. What a feast we had. Bbq chicken, burgers, sausages, ribs with salad, coleslaw, bread buns, beers and soft drinks. The children had a wonderful time getting cold in the pool and then running around to get warm. It was a lovely evening of relaxation and fun for the first time after working so hard.

Sunday we went to the Kite Festival at St Annes. Wow! there were some amazing kites. Big ones, long ones, colourful ones, and even dancing ones. We took a picnic with us and ate it on the sand dunes watching the kites. There were four identical kites that were dancing to music. …

Summer Boredom Busters

Hello friends

This week, whilst melting, I have organised a boredom buster for the summer holidays. School days are so well structured that L has no time to be bored, unless she hates the subject being taught. But at home she gets bored very quickly and being an only child looks to me for ideas.

I got some great ideas from, First I made up a daily sheet for each day of the summer holidays  and stuck them on some fun backing card. Next I filled in some of the dates that are already booked. 
I then made a list of possible activities (free or low cost) and got the all important approval from L.
Once approved I wrote them onto post its so that they can be moved around.  

This still left some gaps where boredom can set in so I cut out lots of different coloured bits of paper and wrote on each and activity and folded them up. Placed them into a covered tube. I didn't finish there. Next, I went through L's toy cupboard and dug out anything that she had…

I Wish I'd Taken My Camera

Hi Friends

Another scorcher today. The weather people keep saying that it will be cooler as there is some weather from coming down from the north - when?. I don't cope to well in heat. That's enough moaning and back to the heading.

Yesterday at Craft Club a lady came in to give us a talk about patchwork and quilting. We knew she was coming but no date was set - reason for no camera.
Elizabeth (sorry forgot her real name) showed us her first piece of work. Two pieces of material sewn into a square with some wadding in between. This she made about 10+ years ago when she had no idea about patchwork and quilting. Then she joined a class and did various work shops and now her work is amazing and she told us how simple it is to do and that your work doesn't have to be neat at the beginning of project as you can make it neat as you start building it up. Then she went onto this other technique that starts with a "J" sorry I've forgotten what it was as I've not he…

Adventures of a little blue bear

Hello friends

Lovely to see you all again.

Spring Bank/Whit Weekend L went to Paris with school and had a fantastic time. We spoke each other at night and she told us what she had been up to and what she'd seen and we said Good Night. Her little blue bear, Cuddles, didn't go as she was too afraid of loosing him. However he did have a little holiday himself and here are a few pictures of what he got up to

He had to sit up close to the window whilst the car went through the car wash. Ducking down each time the washer things went over.

Next we found him rock climbing.
Don't know how he got up there without and ropes.
He is one brave bear.

After all that climbing it was time for a rest with M.

Cocktails on the lawn. "Anyone
like to join me?"

Just having a rest whilst we looked around the old church yard.

Drinking beer now. Never seen a bear drink so much. He had such a bad headache the next day. Hehehe, bear with a sore head. He sure was, that will teach him.  He en…