Friday, 5 July 2013

Adventures of a little blue bear

Hello friends

Lovely to see you all again.

Spring Bank/Whit Weekend L went to Paris with school and had a fantastic time. We spoke each other at night and she told us what she had been up to and what she'd seen and we said Good Night. Her little blue bear, Cuddles, didn't go as she was too afraid of loosing him. However he did have a little holiday himself and here are a few pictures of what he got up to

He had to sit up close to the window whilst the car went through the car wash. Ducking down each time the washer things went over.

Next we found him rock climbing.
Don't know how he got up there without and ropes.
He is one brave bear.

After all that climbing it was time for a rest with M.


Cocktails on the lawn. "Anyone
like to join me?"


Just having a rest whilst we looked around the old church yard.

Drinking beer now. Never seen a bear drink so much. He had such a bad headache the next day. Hehehe, bear with a sore head. He sure was, that will teach him. 
He enjoyed his tea. Pre-cooked new potatoes, with left over bacon, couple of chorizo sausages, can of sweetcorn, a little bit of onion, bits of leftover chicken all tossed about in a frying pan. Very tasty. 

Cuddles also spent time climbing trees.
Walking on a wall next to a river.
Watching TV.

And just hanging around                                                                             
We also had a good weekend but missed L terribly and couldn't wait until she was home again.  
Thanks for dropping and please call again. I'm off to enjoy some sunshine.


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