Friday, 12 July 2013

I Wish I'd Taken My Camera

Hi Friends

Another scorcher today. The weather people keep saying that it will be cooler as there is some weather from coming down from the north - when?. I don't cope to well in heat. That's enough moaning and back to the heading.

Yesterday at Craft Club a lady came in to give us a talk about patchwork and quilting. We knew she was coming but no date was set - reason for no camera.
Elizabeth (sorry forgot her real name) showed us her first piece of work. Two pieces of material sewn into a square with some wadding in between. This she made about 10+ years ago when she had no idea about patchwork and quilting. Then she joined a class and did various work shops and now her work is amazing and she told us how simple it is to do and that your work doesn't have to be neat at the beginning of project as you can make it neat as you start building it up. Then she went onto this other technique that starts with a "J" sorry I've forgotten what it was as I've not heard of it before. This is where you have a stitched design on a padded square (or whatever shaped patch you are working to) and then you stuff it to give it a more raised and defined look. Elizabeth's work was so neat and she was very interesting to listen to. In a few weeks she's coming back to do a work shop with a few ladies who want to have a go and learn some more. Must remember my camera.

I've had a busy morning today. L went of to school at 8am and I set to. Hung out the washing (almost dry now) then made some pizza sauce and pizza bases for tomorrow tea (another gala tomorrow and I don't feel like cooking when we get home and I promised pizza and wedges and garlic dip) cleaned up, washed up and put away and got tonight's tea out of the freezer (pre-cooked pigs liver, left over from last week). Now it's time to get changed and get ready for baby sitting my baby niece and nephew whilst their parents move house. Dad is working on his allotment and mum is at day care and M is enjoying the heat whilst waiting for (taxi) customers. All is well.

Think I will get some ice-pops for everyone.

See you soon


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