Saturday, 31 October 2015

I'm Back...

Hi all

I'm back again.

I've been doing some over-time at work due to sickness and this past week it's been half term so we have been having some fun.

But today I want to show you how we decorated L's bedroom. A few years ago I painted L's bedroom (with help from L) pink and lilac. She chose the colours and which wall to paint with which colour. The trophies in the picture are some that L has gained from her dancing in competitions, exams and shows. There is another shelf full of cup trophies.

L hated this clown and was adamant that it had to go. She didn't like the hangers. It should have been made with either 2 or 4 but definitely not 3!!!

Now as a teenager she felt the colours were far to girly and didn't reflect her personality and after much discussion and research she came up with a new colour scheme and design.
White background with black, purple and silver. We both painted all the walls in white then L trawled the internet to find the right music notes and printed them off and stuck them onto thin card before cutting them out. Using blue tacky stuff she stuck the stencils to the wall and drew around them before painting them. The music notes were purple and the treble clefs silver. For the music score we worked out the size required and made stripes of masking tape and L painted the gaps black. The treble clef at the front is also black and there are some silver notes on the score. Randomly placed. I did suggest a possible piece of music but it got rejected.
We didn't replace any furniture as it was all in good condition, L's bed you can see was designed by me and built by M and then I painted it when L was 4. (she still loves this bed) The roof of the bed is painted black and has tiny holes in it where M pushed through some tiny lights. When they were plugged in they glowed like starlights. We're on the look out for new lights as these ones no longer work. The sparkly net curtains are new that are tied back on her bed with matching ones at her window. And the two companions on the bed are Snuggles (pink) and Cuddles (blue).
The bunting that's hanging on the bed I made a couple of years ago and its triangles overlapped with hearts.
The photo to the right is the wall entering into the room. L enjoyed working on her room and is so proud of it.  (I'm so very proud of her too she's done a brilliant job of it). I assisted her with setting up the black lines but she did all the rest.

These special people have there own special chairs made by M a few years ago and were painted pink. L painted them back and high-lighted them with silver. They look great. They're now waiting to be hung on the wall but exact location has yet to be decided.

 Thank you for popping by it's lovely to read your comments.


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