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I'm Back...

Hi all

I'm back again.

I've been doing some over-time at work due to sickness and this past week it's been half term so we have been having some fun.

But today I want to show you how we decorated L's bedroom. A few years ago I painted L's bedroom (with help from L) pink and lilac. She chose the colours and which wall to paint with which colour. The trophies in the picture are some that L has gained from her dancing in competitions, exams and shows. There is another shelf full of cup trophies.

L hated this clown and was adamant that it had to go. She didn't like the hangers. It should have been made with either 2 or 4 but definitely not 3!!!

Now as a teenager she felt the colours were far to girly and didn't reflect her personality and after much discussion and research she came up with a new colour scheme and design.
White background with black, purple and silver. We both painted all the walls in white then L trawled the internet to find the right music notes…