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Crafty Bits?????

Hello friends

I've been given a bag full of craft bits and pieces to pass on which some have. However there are some I can't. I don't know what they are and what they can be used for. There are no holes in them for threading. Made of hard plastic. I'm hoping that some of my crafty readers may be able to help. Some look like they should be in a peg board but there are too many. The colours are so pretty it would be shame not to use them in some way. I thought of tying some fishing wire around the stems and making something that hangs but they'll just fall through as there is nothing to hold on to.  There is quite a lot here and many more. Any information or ideas would be much appreciated.

National Libraries Day

Hello everyone.

A quick update on the invalids. M appears to be at a stalemate where his back is not getting any better but neither is it any worse. This coming week he should have a check up at the hospital but no date has arrived as yet and when he phoned last week the neuro secretary was very vague and unhelpful.
L had a check up at the hospital on Friday and she is recovering well. We got all the answers to our questions and advised to change our routine with L's pain relief to get more benefit from it. We do have some photos of L's spine on M's phone and waiting for him to email them to me and will do a post on them soon.

Ok back to the heading. Yesterday was National Libraries Day and I was asked by our local library if I was available to do a table with the Twiddle Muffs. Of course, I said yes. It also gave me a chance to escape for a couple of hours. Our library is quite small but there were 18 tables promoting different things mostly what goes on in the library at…