Sunday, 22 May 2016

Liebster Award

I've been  nominated, by Pam from A New Life In Wales, for the Liebster Award. She has asked 10 questions and then I'm supposed to nominate other blogs and ask 10 different questions.

1) Most hated domestic task
Ironing - When I hang washing out on the line I will hang t-shirts and shirts on coat hangers and peg them onto the line so they don't blow off. Sometimes they still need ironing.
2) Knitting or Crochet
I enjoy both for different reasons. I'm a neater knitter for garments and I like to do sleeves (and fronts) at the same time so that they match. Crochet grows faster and I like the action of crochet.
3) Favourite film genre
t the moment it's comedy. Life is to serious so it's good to laugh a lot also it's a stress reliever. (GCSEs for Laura at the moment)
4) Best place that you have been
Up to date it has to be when we went to Jamaica for my younger brother's wedding a couple of years ago. Very exotic for us.
5) Jewellery wearer or not
I like to wear jewellery but as a work in a kitchen and it's not allowed I just wear it when I go out.
6) Book or E-reader
Book. I like the feel of a book, turning the pages and using my book worm book mark
7) Adventurous cook or plain and simple
I used to be quite adventurous when I had the time but I'm turning to plain and simple now
8) Walking or gym
Walking - lovely fresh air and country views, can't beat it
9) Pets or not
We have recently started to foster homeless dogs who are waiting to be adopted. At the moment we have a female Staffi cross who has a wonderful calm nature and is so loveable. We also have 2 birds - a red rump cockatiel and a budgie.
10) Fresh oysters or no way Jose
No way. Never tried then and don't want to.

I'm not going to nominate anyone because most of the people who read this blog have already had this but, if anyone wants to join in here are my 10 questions (please tell me if you are going to do them so I can visit)

1) Are you a summer or winter person?
2) Do you like to take holidays and if so here or abroad?
3) Was you ever a girl guide or boy scout?
4) have you kept in touch with any of your school friends?
5) If no-one was looking, and you was in your wellies, would you jump in puddles?
6) Ever met a famous person and who was it?
7) Favourite musical film, series or show?
8) The challenging thing you have made and most proud of
9) What do you think of dogs wearing clothes? (other than a coat in winter)
10) From Laura - Spotty or stripy socks?



  1. Love these lists of questions and I am going to answer them, I hope lots of others join in. It makes for a quick interesting post, well it does for me as I am a bit on the nosey side.


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