Friday, 8 March 2013

Crafty Fun

Hello Friends

Hope everyone is well.

This week has just flown by. Anyway grab yourself a brew and I will share with you some of the crafty fun things I've been doing.

Over the weekend I spent some quality time with L and we made these. L sorted all the sequins into colours in cake cases. We got the polystyrene eggs from some £ shop.
L's Egg
My Egg
We already had the sequins and the pins and the ribbon came from some of my vest T-shirts. Every year we have an Easter Tree so these will hang on it. We had a lovely long chats about all sorts of things and we had sore thumbs and index finger when we had finished. It was fun though. M was watching the TV and playing on his Ipad thingy.

I finished this blanket off for my SIL who is due to have a baby in April. She gave me the white and yellow and I added the pink (yes, she is having a girl). I did it in single trebles all the way round instead of making a big granny square. I finished it off with a shell edge.
On my needles at the moment are these triangles. I'm using up my bits and making some bunting. Some time later in the year, at the craft club I go to, we are going to celebrate World Knitting day with some graffiti yarn bombing around the local library. So that what the bunting is for. Also we are planning a party (at home) in the summer so I thought I would decorate the garden with some bunting and other things not yet decided on. I still have some very small amounts of yarn left so I'm making some crochet roses and flowers. Can't show you them yet as they need stitching up. I did complete one and stitched a safety pin on the back and gave it to my mum.
I need to get back to work now. I half emptied the box room and sorted out lots of things for the bin/charity/sale etc. I now have to put things back all nice and tidy. No pictures, no way still the other half to tackle. Possibly next week.
Thanks for dropping by and I'll see you after the week end. Have a great Mothers Day. L is doing a reading in church, on Sunday, with the Guides.




  1. What a good idea having an Easter tree. Your ornaments look very colourful and your blanket is delicious.
    Love from Mum

    1. We've had an Easter Tree for quite some time. The twigs are not great but they work. Will have to take a photo at Easter.


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