Hope you are all keeping warm. It's been so very cold here this week with a few frosty nights and biting cold breezes. No snow although we do live in hope.

We've had a fairly good week. Mum is so much better but still doesn't want to get up in the mornings. I don't blame her for not getting up out of a nice warm and cosy bed when she doesn't have to.

Where have I been this week that has been different from the usual? M and I went to my Aunties funeral which was a lovely service. It was a non-religious service (although she was a regular at the local Methodist church) but a celebration of her life. Afterwards we all met up at a quiet pub.

L and I went to a careers convention at her school. L got some great information on the different career paths she's interested in. I did too because in the not too distant future I will be looking a different and more fulfilling job and at the moment I don't know what I want to do or capable of.  The one thing that all the people we talked to said was that L had to work as hard as she could to get the best results she could for her English and Maths. Some things never change do they?

Who have I met? I met up with some of my cousins that I've not see for quite some time. It was so lovely to meet up again although it would have been much nicer had it been under different circumstances. Now we can keep in touch.

We met lots of interesting people at the careers convention. some I knew and some that we've met before.

What else have I done? I bought a dress pattern for L for the Gala and bought her crown from last years queen. She had two because the first one they bought was too big and didn't look right. Looks good on L. She's four years older so I suppose that makes quite a difference.
I've just finished a little blanket for my unborn niece. Will take pictures ready for next week. Some wonderful ladies at the craft club are still making the cuffs for the twiddle muffs so I've been decorating them again and want to finish them for a week on Thursday so that I can drop them off at the hospital's dementia unit when I have my eye check up.

That's my news for this week and now I need to get the roasties in the oven ready for L and M coming back from archery. The hall they shoot in is so very cold even though there is some heating on it just doesn't get warm.

Have a good week



  1. I think the only time I meet my cousins and other relatives is at funerals. There's not many of my family left now. I have more Christmas cards for friends than relatives. Each year at least one person gets crossed off the list.
    Oh, enough of that. I'm glad your mum's a little brighter and I'm not surprised she doesn't want to get out of bed. It's very cold.
    L - keep studying and I hope you get on the career path that you are wanting. Work hard and aim high.

    1. I suspect that will be us now as auntie was the first from mum's side. Dad is the last one from his side.
      Mum has had a turn for the worse. Was taken into hospital late last night (pretty serious) I will call up there this morning and take dad something to eat and drink.
      I've passed your message on to L.

  2. I am glad to hear that your Mum is feeling better, I do not blame her for wanted to stay in bed. Some mornings I stay in with a cuppa and have an hours crochet or knitting.

    1. Thank you Pam however mum was taken into hospital last night and is vey poorly. I will find out more later when I get there.

  3. Sending healing vibes for your mum, and also thinking of you. From personal experience I know how tough it is. Hope your dad is managing.

  4. aaawww Thank you. Mum is much better and dad is much happier now that she's better. Your healing vibes must be working.


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