Thursday, 10 January 2013

Post With No Title

Hello friends

Hope you all had a good week.

As I'm writing this it is a post with no title. of all the hundreds and thousands of words in the English language I can't put two together to come up with a title yet.

What have I been up to this week. Well, On Sunday I made a huge pan of  minestrone soup. I thought I would have it for my lunches through the week. I've ended up putting some in the freezer because I just made too much.

Yesterday I called in a local charity shop (didn't spend any money) and I came across and old hard back book, The Ship of Adventure by Enid Blyton. I loved these books as a child and L is also enjoying them. Did any one else read these too? I didn't buy this copy as I already have it and three other titles but I am on the look out for others to complete the set. But and it is a big but not at the price that was being asked for in this charity shop, are you sitting down, £14.99.  I had no idea that they had any value. I will certainly be snapping them up when I see them at a car boot sales even if I end up doubling up on them. However I hardly ever see them.

This morning I was an exam invigilator at a high school I once worked at as a temporary dinner lady and a temporary teaching assistant. I did the invigilation last year as well working mostly with the students who have learning support. I have quite a few dates for January and because it's only for a couple of hours in total for each exam it doesn't interfere with my mum's care. It was nice to catch up with old staff.

Still not come up with a title.

OK lunch break over time to get some jobs done.

See you soon and thanks for dropping by


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