Monday, 28 January 2013

A Prince, Decluttering and No Spend Days

Hello Friends

Hope you're all well.

I had a cold all last week that has left me with a bit of a chesty cough. Thank goodness it's not a chest infection that so many are getting.

We had an exciting afternoon yesterday. It was the elections for the local Gala Queen. L was in the retinue last year and had to go in her dress, but also entered the audition for this years Queen. After a brief interview L was selected for Prince Charming. She's well pleased even though she was after the Queens position, maybe next year. M and I are both pleased. Now we need to get saving for the costume. I could probably make the jacket and shirt but there is no way I could make a three pointed hat. I do know a dress maker who can, but need to take MIL with us to see if she can get us a discount. MIL goes to a patchwork group with this dress maker, so fingers crossed.

Now for my decluttering update. I haven't done a lot this month because I have been doing some paid work as an exam invigilator for students with special needs, but L and M have done very well. The two items for sale are to be advertised in the local paper. It's free on a Tuesday. I will ring a charity later today to arrange a pick up time and day. There's more than 17 Items because I have three large bag fulls. I'll have to recount and update it later.
For Sale 2
To The Bin/Recycling 45
For Charity 17
For Car Booting 17
Total 81

This month I've had 14 no spend days. I feel sure that I can do better than that.

This morning I'm off to my SIL to do some creative photos of my car seat blankets ready for opening my on line shop, and then I need to get my head around google chrome and find out how to work it. I had a go last night but I'm not very technical and so I have to do it in small chunks. I'll get there it's not going to beat me.

It looks like it's going to be another nice day. Must get some more washing done.

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day.


Update - 50 items to charity not 17.  Didn't get the washing out it's pouring down.

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