Monday, 7 January 2013

Everything Back to Normal

Hello friends

Everything is back to normal. The decorations came down at the week-end and packed away in the attic for another year except the stockings, we forgot them. We left the coloured light outside that are around the arbour because we are planing a party towards the end of June for my birthday (another milestone)

L reluctantly went back to school this morning. Last night when I said Good Night I also said "see you in the morning nice and early" her reply was "Nah don't bother I'm not going to school tomorrow"
Unlike most kids that have had 2 weeks off she has had almost three weeks off because on the Monday of her last week L injured her knee in a PE lesson and had difficulty walking. We were at the hospital twice that week to have her knee checked out and luckily there was no damage. It is still a bit sore to go down stairs though.

Over the week-end L decided that she wanted to sort out her wardrobe with my help. She took everything out and laid it on our bed and gave me everything she wanted to keep so that I could hang it back up. S couple of things went in the charity bag. Next the draws. Quite a few t-shirts came out mainly white and a few coloured. (white have been cut up into long lengths and are now being knitted into a bathmat - will show when finished. Coloured t-shirts might get the same treatment) Next came the book shelf in her room (this was long over due) She did a fantastic job of getting rid of her young books (to either car boot or charity bag) and made lots of space for more Jacqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy books and maybe some more Enid Blyton adventures. She did so well with both her jobs. I think I might have to tackle to toy shelves in her room, with her help of course. L decluttered 160 items from her room, that is a fantastic start but I can't say the same yet, will report at the end of the month.

Welcome to new follower KittyKittyWeaselFish.

Thank you for dropping by and I will see you later in the week and hope you have a good one.



  1. 160 items decluttered! that is a brilliant start to the new year.
    Hope the knee continues to recover - she has my sympathies on that one

    blessings xxx

    1. L says Thank You.
      He knee had a bit of a set back today with going back to school (up and down stairs and jumping PE won't help)

  2. Hasn't she done well. I've been doing a bit of sorting here but I think it may take all year. Hey ho.
    Love from Mum

    1. She did very well. It might be quite sometime before she does it again. I'm well proud of her.


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