Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bits and Pieces

Hello Friends

Hope you are maneging to keep warm.

I have a pan of tomato soup cooking on the stove. It smell so good.
Yesterday my dad gave me a large packet of cherry tomatoes that he picked for 10p (he also got another three packets for themselves) so that is what is in my soup along with three large tomatoes I already had in the freezer and some red pepper, carrots, swede, celery root, some sundried tomatoes lurking in the fridge and some lentils to bulk it out. I could have put in an onion but I have problems digesting it.
I am so looking forward to lunch today.

Sorry no pictures as I've not had time to play around with google chrome.

Yesterday mum and dad had visit from the Social work department, at the request of the memory assessment Dr. (I was also there). The lady that came was lovely and wanted to arrange for some day care amongst other things that might be helpful. The day care sounded very interesting and arrangements were made for mum to go 1 day a week from the 5th February. After the social worker left dad said he would like to have a look at the place (Warren Manor). To cut a long story short we all went yesterday afternoon to have a look. It was very nice and specifically for people with dementia. It felt very comfortable, relaxed and welcoming. They have a craft room, dining room, hairdressers, and a big lounge area where they have entertainment, games, exercise for keeping the circulation going and so much more. Mum liked it so much she's keen to go back today but arrangements have been made for a free trial next week. I'm glad she likes it.

M didn't work last week and part of this week. He's a taxi driver and it's not good when he's not working as he doesn't get paid. The reason he's not working is because before Christmas someone bumped into the back of his car and now it's having some repair work done through the insurance company. They said it would take about eight days. That takes it to today. As a consequence of no work there will be no grocery shopping this week. Luckily I was aware of this and I'm using the opportunity to work through all the bits and pieces in the freezer which need using up then I might be able to defrost the freezer, it's getting desperate.

It's just started snowing, I wonder how much we'll get this time.

Yesterday I also made some laundry soap. I forget where I got the recipe from. It was so easy to make. I will let you know how well it works when I've used it a few times.

I'm exam invigilating this afternoon so I better get a wriggle on.

Thank you for dropping by and I will catch you later in the week.

Take care


P. S. Snow update - Rubbish, melted as soon as landed.


  1. My Dad goes to art therapy for dementia patients and loves it.One of his paintings was in the Alzheimers 2011 calendar...he was so proud.
    Have you tried onion powder? You'll get the taste without having to digest onion.
    Jane x

  2. Hope you are feeling better.
    I bet you're proud of your dad too.
    mum is going to take her knitting to the Day care but we are hoping she will join in with the other craft activities as time goes on because she used to be quite artistic.
    Onion powder - never thought of that, I will give it a try. Thanks

  3. Your soup sounds delish with or without onion. So glad your mum liked her visit and hope it will be helpful to your family.
    Love from Mum

    1. Hi Mum
      The soup was delish and I have 3 more portions in the fridge.
      Thank you.

  4. Homemade tomato soup sounds really good! I'm glad your Mom enjoyed the day care place.

    1. Hi Lena
      I think hm tomato soup is so much nicer than bought.
      Thank you


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