Friday, 1 February 2013

Been A Busy Bee

Hello friends

How are you?

My chesty cough is getting better. I'm very thankful that it didn't turn into a chest infection.

I bought a gardening book from a charity shop on Monday for £2.99. It's all about growing veg in pots and making the most of the small space. At the moment it's in the car as I read it when I pick L up from school. It's very interesting with the suggestions for what will grow well in in pots, about watering a feeding, also about pests. I'm hoping for better crops this year. I need to decide what will be eaten in our house and what I can grow and then sort out my pots. (future posts)

We went to a parents evening for L and met some of her teachers. She is doing very well and is meeting her end of year targets already and the teachers are pleased with her progress. Later this year she has to choose her options ready for year 9. Some of you may be thinking that it's a year early and, yes, you are right they are a year early. Her school do it this way so that the students have a greater chance of passing their exams with higher grades and it appears to work.

I've got Google chrome to work and I think I understand what I'm doing.

I made some Clementine marmalade this week. The Clementine were reduced from £3 to £1. I didn't make a lot as I don't have a big pan but it tastes good.

Next picture is of the blanket I sewed up from the Christmas tree we made at the craft club. The blankets are to go to Street Life a local homeless charity for the under 25's I will post some pictures when we hand them over.

I took some pictures in the garden today and it's showing some signs that spring is on it's way. 

Bluebells  and Snowdrops

That's my news for this week and I hope you all have a good week end.

Thanks for dropping by and see you again soon.

Carol x


  1. You have flowers!!!!!!
    We won't see our first until April at least.
    Jane x

    1. Snow Drops always seem to come out at this time of year and then the Bluebells will flower next month. We have loads in our small front garden. Maybe I could join you in the view from my window-my front boarder and my veggie pots?

  2. What a great price on the clementines, Carol. Your clementine marmalade sounds delicious. The blanket you sewed is beautiful...I love the colors. Green is one of my favorite colors. You have been busy! :)

    1. The marmalade is tasty. Thank you, the blankets should keep the homless persons warm. Did you see my post, just before Christmas, about the knitted Christmas Tree?

  3. hello carol,
    great price for the clementines!!! your marmalade looks good.
    great blanket. lovely photo of your snowdrops!!!
    have a nice sunday,

  4. Hi Regina and welcome
    They were a good price, too good to miss and the marmalade is very tasty.
    Thank you
    Hope you had a good day too

  5. You have been busy. The blanket looks brilliant and I wish I had snowdrops in our garden. They are one of my favourite flowers.
    Love from Mum


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