Monday, 4 February 2013

Queens and Crafts

Hello friends

Did you all have a good week end?

The weather here was quite nice but chilly.

Yesterday afternoon L and I went to the local Queen of Queens.  It's new thing this year where all the local Gala/Rose Queens are invited to a gathering (indoors). L is a Lady in Waiting with the Thornton Gala Queen 2012.
The queens parade around the hall a couple of times, in front of some judges, and then have some refreshments. During the refreshments the Queens are escorted, one by one, up to the judges for a little chat. Afterwards when the judges have made their decision the queens and their retinues line up and the winner is announced. This year the Lytham Queen and her retinue won and received a trophy.

As a side attraction people were invited to set up stalls of handicrafts for a donation to the raffle. After thinking about this for a little while (all of 10 minutes) I decided why not as I will only be standing around watching the proceedings and I could test the market.

This is my stall. I've designed and knitted car seat blankets with three holes for the straps to secure it from being kicked/pulled off. They can also be used in a pram or buggy in the summer time if the weather is a bit cool.  I  
borrowed a car seat to show how the blankets work. Also on my stall I had some crib/pram blankets, baby cocoons modelled by the lovely teddy, some ties for clipping onto the straps of the seat or buggy/pram and attach it to the child's favourite toy or dummy to prevent loss or dropping on the floor. The board at the back is L's, she makes key rings/bag charms and bracelets from old jewelry she buys from car boot sales (never pays more than £1). We didn't sell anything but got a lot of positive feed back neither did we buy anything. The other stall holders didn't do much either.  
My donation for the raffle was a nice photo frame, that I received about four years ago and was still in its box, and a bottle of wine that neither M or I like. (two bits of clutter left the house).
L and I had an enjoyable afternoon. M chose to stay at home to sort out the delivery of free wood for our multi fuel stove. We can now cancel the coal deliveries for a while.

I will leave you a few more pictures of my makes. Sorry none of the queens.

baby cocoon


Enjoy the rest of the week and thank you for dropping by.



  1. The blankets are so clever, and I love the cocoon!

    1. Thank you Scarlet. The cocoon is very soft and snuggly


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