Monday, 8 September 2014

An Amazing Trip

Hello friends

How are you all?

It's all back to normal for us from today. L went back to school on Friday but it was only half a day so that doesn't really count does it. Anyway, Thursday night we arrived home from our holidays proper tired. It took us 18 hours to get home. It took 18 hour to get there too. I bet you are wondering where we went that took so long. We went to Jamaica and had an amazing time but before I show you some of the photos (we took 100s) I will tell you how we were able to go on such an expensive holiday.

Funny enough it started about 12 years ago (when L was about 2) M and I said we would like to take L to Disney in Florida when she was a bit older and was able to remember it. So we started saving and after a couple of years we were half way there and then M's taxi started playing up and needed some major repair work and the only way to pay for it was to use the Florida funds. So, we started saving again and this time we were three quarters there with the funds and again, M's taxi died and we had to use the Florida money for a deposit for a replacement car. And we started to save again and then last year my SIL to be said "You know how you're saving for Florida, have you set a date yet?" "No, not yet, as we've not quite got enough yet" I replied. "How do you fancy coming, with us, to Jamaica next year? We're getting married in August" ooooh the excitement was almost too much.

Wow! First I had to find out the cost of the holiday and then 1 passport renewal, insurance, travel, spending money, and clothes. Next I had to calculate how much we had and how much we still needed to save. Next a family conference and a vote was taken, Florida or Jamaica for a wedding?


So Jamaica it was. We didn't need to buy many new clothes but what we did came from a mixture of high street and charity shops and L was bridesmaid so SIL and brother bought her dress.
The 18hrs travel was the 6hrs drive from our house to Gatwick airport, 9hrs flight and 2hrs drive from airport to the resort and all the hanging around between times and then the same for coming home.

Pictures now

The lovely man-made beach of nearly white sand being lapped by the warm turquoise sea.

View of the resort from the sea. The resort was quite busy when we got there but gradually as people left it got quieter and quieter because it was now out of season. November it will start picking up again.

This little black bird visited every morning for breakfast and took scraps from left plates and fed her two fledglings and would visit other parts of the resort at different times throughout the day. She knew where to find the good stuff.

The food was incredible. These pictures are from breakfast. Top left was the pastries and cakes (the banana bread was delicious). above middle was smoked fish and meats plus a selection of cheeses, top right was the fruit and the bottom left was the hot food. There was also pancakes/waffles/french toast with lots of different toppings, a variety of breads/cereals/porridge and smoothies of your choice. Lunch and evening meal were just as spectacular.

We climbed up the Dunn's falls which was incredible. We all had to hold hands as we climbed, with a guide. the water was quite
forceful and a little cold but the guides lead us through the easy ways. We went to swim with Dolphins, I couldn't do it. I got in the sea and started to swim but panicked because the water was getting too deep and I got scared. Luckily the trainers were nearby and pulled me out so I watched M and L do there swim.
SIL and brother paid for L to go on a horse ride with them and M went too. I didn't fancy it. M went with my nephew D to do a bob sleigh and zipwire and saw some incredible countryside. We swam in the pools (3), sat on the beach, went on a couple of boat trips around the resort and sat in the very hot sun under the shade of a parasol. And attended a wedding.

A beautiful family photo.

 Best man was my nephew D (my oldest brother's son who's currently living with my youngest brother, the groom) and bridesmaid L.

We really did have an incredible time. The staff were very friendly and had time to chat and nothing was too much trouble. It was more than we could ever would have dreamed of and we met some lovely people too. We have created some wonderful memories and L says it was the best holiday ever and would love to go back (I suggested for her honeymoon).

We have some money left over so that will start us off for next years camping/caravan holiday (back down to earth we go).

Will we ever make it to Florida? Who knows. Next year we hope to go to Devon or Cornwall and the year after we are hoping to do Disney in Paris when L has finished her GCSEs.

Would anyone like to see more pictures?



  1. Wow, what a holiday, it looks amazing! Yes, more pictures :)

    1. It was amazing. Next post will be photos

  2. It looks fabulous. We felt exactly the same about the Dominican Republic when we went there last year. There are tentative plans for some of us who were in the wedding party to revisit in a few years.
    More photos? Yes please!

    1. I hope you can make it to the DR again. I'm not sure I would want to go back to Jamaica unless we can go from Manchester. But it was fantastic though.
      Next post will be photos


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