Friday, 17 January 2014

Latest Make and Catch Up

Hello friends

Recently my SIL to be found some baby patterns that that she really loved, a hat, jacket and a dress and asked if I would knit them for the baby. I said I would because they are lovely patterns and also they would be in keeping with this years challenge. So here is the hat with loops all over it. The loop stitch was new to me and was quite time consuming until I got used to it. The yarn I used was a random type one. SIL loved it. I've started the jacket and that's crocheted. This is done in two colours so I've picked pink and white (surprise surprise). I'll do a show and tell when I've completed that one. This is slow growing which is unusual for crochet.

This past two weeks I've had a few days working at my old school doing some exam invigilating. I feel so pleased when they ask me because it means that they have trust me especially when most of the invigilating I do is one to one with special education need students. The next time will be for the GCSE mocks which they think will be in March.

I wonder if I could ask you all a little favour. One of L's friends will be 15 in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for inexpensive ideas for a gift. This friend always get L some lovely presents for her birthday and Christmas and we feel a bit stuck this time, can you help?

Thank you for dropping by and I look forward to reading your suggestions.



  1. Hello, I love that hat. I'm a bit scared of the loop stitch and have never tried it!!
    If the 15yo is a girl, in my experience they adore nice notebooks for writing down any teen angst , look in Boots sale if anything in the Gorjuss range left. Mine loved it. Make up of ANY description or nail paraphanalia goes down well too. Or for either, something that's less than a tenner like a cinema gift card? Asda do lovely cheap but nice jewellery too.
    Good luck and thanks for coming to blog visit me too xx ( still not started my jobs lol ) xx

    1. Hi Rachel, The loop stitch is very easy to do but just a bit fiddly to start off with. Yes the 15yo is a girl, some great ideas there, Thanks. I shall put these to L and see which suggestion she likes. It's too early to start on jobs yet, Have another cup of tea, hehehe


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